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Previous good sleeper -now sitting up in sleep, and then crying out, every hour on the hour.

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mrswill Sat 04-Jul-09 10:55:25

My dd is 11 months, and for the past week has been getting into a sitting position throughout the night and then crying out for us. Once we put her back to lying down, she goes straight back to sleep. In the day when she is shuffling around, she can work out how to get back to a lying down position from crawling and vice versa, but doesnt do this in her cot. After being a previous good sleeper, we are knackered, and dd is knackered then throughout the day. Has anyone else had this and is this just a phase?? None of my friends seem to have experienced this. Do i just let her cry a bit, and let her learn to go back to lying down sleeping herself, or carry on putting her back down every hour.

YeahBut Sat 04-Jul-09 11:19:18

Has your child been unwell recently? Have you visited your GP to rule out an ear infection / glue ear? Both cause dreadful pain in the ear after a period of lying down. Once they sit up or have a drink, it equalises the pressure a bit and becomes less painful, until they lie down again and the pressure causes the pain again.

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