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Advice needed: should I move Amby Nest baby to normal cot or travel cot in prep for holiday?

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MimieD Thu 02-Jul-09 12:32:36

Need some advice really; we're going on holiday in 10 days time and currently DD2 (8 months) sleeps in her Amby Nest. At the holiday home we will have a travel cot available for her and I want to prepare her at home but am not sure whether I should put up a travel cot or her normal cot already... Or should we just go and hope she will go from amby to travel cot in an unfamiliar place w/o too many awakenings....

slimyak Thu 02-Jul-09 12:48:17

Can you take your Amby with you? We did and it meant a familiar place to sleep in a strange location. Arh just read the travel cot is already there.

Our DD slept in Amby nest until 7months and transfered to a normal cot without a problem. Not always the case I know but sometimes changes are taken in baby step strides. Trying a normal cot at home wouldn't hurt before you go, especially if you plan for her to sleep in a normal cot from when you get back. It's the space and none bouncy nature thats different so I wouldn't have thought there'd be much between an normal cot and travel cot.

Enjoy your hol and take whatever happens in your stride. Our second holiday when DD was 15months had DD sleeping in with us, which she never does but wouldn't sleep in the cot provided and we couldn't see why. We just took on the siester approach and all was well!

MimieD Thu 02-Jul-09 13:50:38

Thanks Slimyak. We took the Amby with us on trips with the car but we're going by plane and I know how they treat the luggage normally...would like to take advantage of the good resale value of the Amby without airline staff destroying it... I may just leave her in the amby till we leave...I figure she may have a few unsettled nights when I move her to a cot and she may have unsettled nights when she is in a strange bed & surroundings so why upset her twice... She does need to go in a cot when we get back as she is so tall, going top miss the Amby though..I love it.

angel1976 Thu 02-Jul-09 20:07:08

My DS went into a travel cot at 4 months when we went on holiday and despite researching all ways to bring the Amby longhaul, we just had to give up the idea. Before we went, we tried him sleeping in his cot with wooden sides and he was furious. Amazingly, when we were on hol, he happily went into the travel cot. I suspect that with it being much smaller than a normal cot and having softish side, it wasn't that much of a shock for him. And when we came home, we took the chance to put him in his cot and he was fine with it. I do love the Amby too...

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