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help with bedtime routine

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jetsetbaby Thu 02-Jul-09 12:30:09

My DS is 11 months old and just does not want to go to bed at the moment. I try to put him down between 7-8pm depending on how tired he looks. I give him his last feed in the cot and he almost falls asleep with this as he always used to but then he wakes himself up, sits up and cries for about 30mins to an hour which is very tiring for us both. Every time he sits up I walk out of the room to let him know this is not ok, leave him for a few mins, go back in, lay him down and stroke his head, this works EVENTUALLY but is a real battle. I have tried having quiet time for half an hour before bed by lying down and reading to him after his bath but he just gets up and crawls off. I think the main problem is he wont sleep at nursery during the day so sleeps when I pick him up in the car at 5ish which is too close to bedtime. Any advice would be greatly recieved.

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