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My 5 week old baby won't sleep at night

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gembobs Wed 01-Jul-09 23:46:57

My 5 week old baby won't sleep at night, he will wake up ay 7pm then won't go back 2 sleep till nearly 3am then i have 2 b up again with my 22 month old dayghter at 7am, i don't know what 2 do. PLEASE HELP

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Thu 02-Jul-09 16:44:12

what is he doing sleep wise and with his feeding during the day? How does he get to sleep during the day?

How hot is his bedroom?

Has he always been like this?

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Thu 02-Jul-09 16:45:05

5 weeks old is still very, very new though so it may "just" be that he still hasn't worked out the difference between day and night

gembobs Thu 02-Jul-09 20:45:36

From 3am till midday is fine then from midday he is just restless, he will go sleep on the breast then wake up as soon as he comes off, he may have the odd 30 minutes in his cot, if we go out in the afternoon he just sleeps near enough the whole time, it's just from 7pm he just stays awake till the early hours even while on the breast . His feeding is fine, he is latched on properly so i know that ain't the cause.
His bedroom is normally fine just with the hot weather it's been 2 hot.
He has been like this since 1 week old,
I know 5 weeks is still early but i feel bad 4 my toddler as we r always so tired 2 play with her or do things.

PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Fri 03-Jul-09 16:55:21

it sounds like his night is running at the wrong time.

In this heat it is very hard to get them awake and feeding when you want them to but you need to try to wake him up earlier to shift his sleep pattern.

If you can wake him 30 minutes a day earlier, it should slowly shift his body clock to more socaible timings.

Tepid baths should help you to give him some awake time....perhaps give him a bath in the morning to ensure that he is waking and having awake time and then a good kick (nappy free) later in the afternoon again to ensure he is having his awake times during the day.

If possible, try to keep him awake from 5pm so that he is tired at bedtime and will sleep then

DanielBumpsMummy Fri 03-Jul-09 19:02:14

My little guy was the same at that age wide awake and full of beans from 10pm-3am - people kept telling me to keep him awake during the day. but to no avail just used to make him grumpy sad

Not what you want to hear - but eventually it just sorted itself out. Took a few weeks....

gembobs Sat 04-Jul-09 11:46:00

Thanks 4 the messages, i am just going 2 wait 4 him 2 settle into a more of a pattern, i think i just expected him 2 b like his sister who never slept during the day n just slept all night.

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