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5:10 am waking again

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rena Mon 16-May-05 07:18:51

hi, I'm new here! Having major early waking problems with my one year old and noticed what some said in a thread in April about moving morning sleep later. Wondering how to do that without afternoon nap getting later and later too? He was waking at 6:30 for ages then suddenly 5:15 - 5:30 for last two weeks or so. Been trying to push sleep till later for two days. Yesterday took him back to bed with me for extra 45 mins then he slept from 12:30 ish to 1:15 ish in afternoon, but he woke this morning at 4:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! He is really tired by the time I get him to bed at 7:30. I think I have just made things worse. Maybe it will take me a week to get him back to waking at 5:30? What do you think?

Our black out blinds do have light coming in at the sides. Read thread about blackout blinds and think I must try the card in the window technique, but I love having daylight in his room in the daytime.

Almost paid the £40 to join gina fords web help!! But can't afford it. Getting desperate as gone back to work 3 days.

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