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swaddle pod - when to stop

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hoochymama Fri 26-Jun-09 20:27:22

I have been swaddling dd (now 16 wks) with arms out in a swaddling blanket. I've gone a bit crazy buying stuff on Ebay and got a 'swaddle pod'. Now I'm worrying that she's too old for swaddle pod, is there a risk of suffocation if she rolls over?

She did start to roll over front to back, but has now stopped, don't know what's going on there. And there have been a few occasions that I've put her on her back, turned round, then turned back to find her on her front.

Advice please!

pulapula Sun 28-Jun-09 21:40:31

I also have a swaddle pod (my DS2 is only 7 weeks old) but i would have thought that as long as their arms were out, then it should be OK (I'm no expert though!).

Pearlnz Mon 29-Jun-09 05:07:21

haven't seen or used a swaddle pod. we had a peke moe sleep sack which worked great to for our baby. If you have loose bedding there is more risks. It's best to have them in a sleep sack or the such . good luck!

RunJHC Thu 02-Jul-09 18:06:42

Hi DS is also 16 weeks and we've just stopped swaddling because of the hot weather. Decided to go cold turkey on the sleeping bags and so far so good - we've got him in a 0.5 tog grobag and he seems to be OK with his hands out and more comfortable because he's not too hot. Maybe worth a try?

DS can't roll but I do find when he's on his front now he always turns his head so there is a little space for him to breathe even if he looks like he's doing a total face-plant wink

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