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How much sleep for 6 1/2 month old?

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snhall Wed 24-Jun-09 15:29:37

Hello, looking for some advice as dd is really fighting her day time naps at the moment. I'm sure she needs them as she gets grizzly, grumpy and just a nightmare to be around. Although i do wonder if its me just hoping she needs them to give me a break!

She sleeps 7.30pm to 5.30am at night. Then is really tired by about 8am-ish and will go down for an hour. Might have a 40 min nap about 12ish. Should she still have a longer afternoon nap? She used to sleep 2till 3.30ish regularly but now protests wildly when i try to put her down. Have tried moving it later, to 3ish, still doesn't work.
So is she already getting enough sleep?


ChocOrange05 Thu 25-Jun-09 09:45:50

My DS is 7mo. At your DD's age his sleep naps were:

7am: wake up
9.30am: 30-45 min nap
12.30/1pm: 2 hour nap
7pm bedtime.

He is always happy and alert so I think this is right for him. These are the sleep times (roughly) in the GF book.


row78 Thu 25-Jun-09 10:37:39

My son is 6 months and he does:

7am: wake up
9-9:30am: 30-45 min nap
12-12:30pm: nap - can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours
if short midday nap he has another sometime around 3:30pm-4pm, can be 30 mins-45 mins, if a long midday nap he doesn't need this. I usually take him out in the pram for this one and he just falls asleep when he wants to. He does seem to need it or else he can't make it to his bedtime at 7:30pm.

Hope this helps!

ches Fri 26-Jun-09 02:36:43

At this age and until past 12 months DS used to have a third nap around 4pm, usually for 45 min-1 hour and had no trouble going off to sleep for the night at 6:30pm. He didn't sleep longer than an hour until over 12 months, didn't go past 90 min until nearly 2.

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