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Pillows and big bed

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Devendra Wed 24-Jun-09 06:07:01

Hi my DS will be 2 next month. He is a still in a cot and sleeps flat. When and why are pillows used? Did anyone not bother?

littleboyblue Wed 24-Jun-09 07:17:21

Pillows can be usd after 12 months. Not really sure why, my ds1 uses one but he was having trouble settling flat and his mattress and been propped up for months, so we went with a pillow, I may not have bothered if he was happy without whilst still in a cot

Twims Wed 24-Jun-09 07:32:20

If hes happy without why not try him without

Peabody Wed 24-Jun-09 07:39:45

I gave DS a pillow when he started carrying the sofa cushions upstairs to bed. They let you know when they're ready.

Seona1973 Wed 24-Jun-09 12:39:55

pillows are fine after 1 year which is when dd started using one. ds had a goi goi pillow from a few weeks old to help correct flattening of his head and he just continued using it and still has one at 2.6 years.

EyeballsandherSunburntNorks Wed 24-Jun-09 12:41:10

LOL Peabody

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