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what has happened to angelic baby?

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kat710 Tue 23-Jun-09 14:53:17

Sure this has probably been covered, but don't have the time to trawl through all the entries, so apologies for any repetition.

In a nutshell baby now nearly 7 months old- from 8 weeks old was good as gold at going to bed- feed, put in cot, and bingo would sleep, well like a baby, only waking briefly for the odd feed. All of a sudden at 6 months will not settle to sleep in cot at all- goes mental as soon as put down, so we now have to sneakily wait for her to fall asleep on our bed, then gently place in cot, so she doesn't notice- not usually very successful, and she wakes up after about an hour anyway, and is then wide awake until about 10pm- then i just give up and go to bed too- with her in my bed- she drops off in a flash then........

in the day she will sleep happily in pushchair or car seat- in the lounge if needs be!, but no chance of daytime nap in cot- makes her very angry indeed!

think we are a bit wet for controlled crying, but any suggestions gratefully received......

walkingwomb Tue 23-Jun-09 15:40:21

oh god that sounds really familiar. My DD was never as 'good' as yours at sleeping up to about 6 month, but I was happy with her waking up to feed then going back to sleep etc etc.

Then her first teeth came...

Everything went tits up from there and we had at least a couple of months of hell culminating in me feeding her back to sleep every 45 mins and having to go to bed before 9 so that she slept to. she got into the habit of holding onto my face to go to sleep hmm.

The crunch came when I was going back to work AND got preggers. A friend recommended we tried the baby whisperer PU/PD method. so from 8 months i stopped feeding her at night (well I offered her one feed after 4 hours but then realisd she didn't need it) and did PU/PD for a few nights. It took a couple of goes of that because we didnt' do it right, but it sorted her out largely.

I am not against controlled crying in principle, but not with a young baby - it is more suitable for babies over 1.


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