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climbing out of cot....20 months

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beansontoast Fri 13-May-05 15:57:10

hi...just a quickie...should be revising

my ds has toppled out of his cot during a day time rest time..sometimes he sleeps sometimes he just plays in his cot for an hour![fab]now he climbs.he sleeps in a bag..can climb out in his bag.can take his bag off.

big bump on his head.

my vague questions are
does this mean the end of the cot years?
can i teach him to not get out?[hahahaha]
he's too young for a bed right?


Nemo1977 Fri 13-May-05 15:59:04

hes not too young for a ds was trying to vault over side of cot at 12mths so went into a mothercare extending bed. If he is getting out then to be honest it would be safer for him to go into a bed before he has an accident.

tarantula Fri 13-May-05 16:01:21

dd is 16 mnths and Im waiting for the day she figures out how to get out of her sleeping bag and then out of the cot. We were thinking of about 20 mnths or so as a good time to move her into a bed. Cant wait to be rid of the cot.

elibelly Fri 13-May-05 16:02:44

It's defintitely time to get a bed. My dd did this at 19 months, once she sussed she could do it she didn't stop, took us a week to be able to buy a bed for her in which time she had more bumps and bruises from her night time adventures. A friend of mine's son broke his arm doing this and I was really worried that dd would hurt herself badly, thankfully she didn't. Once in her new bed she slept much better and didn't fall out at all. Have fun bed shopping.

lima Fri 13-May-05 16:32:50

yes get him a bed

both of mine were climbing out before they were 2 and we put them in proper bedd.

chicca Thu 19-May-05 22:40:20

How do you stop them climbing out of a bed though? Those guard rails are easy to climb over aren' they?
Am similarly thinking of this as a solution but can't see how it would work.

wheresmyfroggy Thu 19-May-05 22:45:43

dd1 is 20 months and she has been in a bed for four months and she loves it

giraffeski Thu 19-May-05 22:49:35

Message withdrawn

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