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Tiredness: how does it make YOU feel?

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oysterpots Mon 22-Jun-09 19:55:40

Was having discussion with mum and DH about what tiredness does to each of us, after an uncharacteristically bad night with DS (23 mo).

DH says it makes him short tempered and less able to cope with stuff, mum says it makes her sluggish and slow.

Being tired totally breaks me emotionally. I get depressed, feel an acute sense of loneliness, and go somewhere pretty desperate and dark.

Interesting. Hadn't really appreciated how it affects people differently, and am beginning to worry my reaction is particularly bad (and anxiety about the effects of tiredness is putting me off trying for a second child).

Would be interested to hear what it does to other people. How does it make you feel?

annatee Mon 22-Jun-09 20:41:11

God I totally agree with the way you feel. Makes me feel like a terrible mum who can't even get her baby to have the sleep she needs, fear that I won't cope back at work, and like tears are always lurking just beneath the surface. Who knew it was so crippling! Not me. Always wanted lots of kids, but can't see how mums of 3 or 4 cheerfully suffered years of broken sleep! Maybe their babes were all excellent sleepers! Sympathy...

DeathbyDora Mon 22-Jun-09 20:56:17

I always remember with my first DD, people would ask me how it was going and my reply was directly related to how much sleep I had had the night before. Frankly I feel like I get ALL the symptoms you listed for all three of you!!

I think it's pretty normal to feel like you're being a crappy mum when you're knackered. And a crappy friend/wife/daughter/whatever as well to be honest.

I think it's worth mentioning that it DOES get better though hon. They do eventually sleep more and more. My DD (4.5) who never ONCE slept through the night until she was a year old now goes down around 8:30pm and doesn't surface until 8:30am! And with your second it's not really as bad as you are already used to less sleep so the shock of losing your Sunday lie-ins is well behind you!!

I read an interesting article once which was questioning how many women are accurately diagnosed with PND and how many are just utterly, bone-wrenchingly exhausted so maybe the symptoms can be similar to a certain extent. You are NOT alone by any means!

Am pg with number 3 by the way so have already bought the matchsticks!! wink

artifarti Tue 23-Jun-09 09:09:19

I am definitely in the short-tempered, stressed, depressed and miserable camp! I don't even need that much sleep (unlike DP, who considers it a bad night if he gets sub-8 hours!) but less than about 5.5 hours and I am not happy. But I always find it amazing how everyone else I know just seems to sail through it all - but then I guess I don't see them sobbing on the floor at 5am either.

The main thing about tiredness for me is that it can lead to a bit of a spiral if I don't constantly check myself i.e. you feel tired so you can't be bothered to go out/see people/do things that make you happy like reading, writing, watching a film, whatever/make plans and so then of course you start feeling sluggish and lonely and sorry for yourself. Sometimes I need to nap when DS naps but at other times I actually feel better if I read a paper/plant some lettuces/make a cup of tea and call a friend.

I used to think I wanted three children; now I wonder how I'll summon up the courage for 2! So DeathbyDora - you give me hope!

singalongamumum Tue 23-Jun-09 12:01:03

So pleased to find this thread! I am pg with no. 2 and am starting to panic! I feel so tired now, just being pregnant, that I am wondering what on earth I have done!!! I get quite depressed too, but it's mixed with a kind of fury at the World- no one can do anything right and I really want to tell everybody what they're doing wrong (which is everything) and I really feel like I couldn't give a darn what they do/ say/ think in return- loverly!!!! (I'm pleased to say that I mostly manage to hold back)

aristocat Tue 23-Jun-09 21:11:33

hi arti <waves to her>

i too hate not getting enough sleep and get very miserable, shouty, short tempered and stressed.
the sleep with 2 DCs is no different to 1 DC.
however at the moment i have got both of them ill. shock sad so not much sleep in this house at the mo.........

but sometimes lack of sleep can be my own fault ( stay up late to read my book )
and then am knackered in the morning!

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