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Where does your LO nap?

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RunJHC Fri 19-Jun-09 09:41:08

DS is 14 weeks old and mainly naps on a pillow on the sofa in the lounge. Obviously now he's getting more mobile this won't be safe any more, but he doesn't seem to like napping in his room upstairs - takes ages to settle but will sleep really soundly straightaway downstairs.

Just wondering where other people's LOs nap, particularly if they're happiest napping in the lounge?

RuthChan Fri 19-Jun-09 10:42:32

Both my LO's have napped in their little chicco baby seat in the sittingroom during the day. DS is 7months and can roll so the sofa is no longer safe, but the chair is fine. DD changed to naps in her cot from about 10 months, if I remeber correctly. Both of mine prefer the hussle and bussle of the sittingroom to the quiet of their own rooms during the day.

KingRolo Fri 19-Jun-09 10:45:59

When she was tiny it was mainly in the moses basket in the living room but from about 4 months she wouldn't settle anywhere other than her cot in her room as she's always wanting to see what's going on, a right nosy parker grin. She needs quiet and dark or she will not sleep at all.

bluebump Fri 19-Jun-09 10:55:31

My DS would only sleep on the sofa in the lounge with me which was fine when he wasn't able to roll etc. Once he started to be able to roll it meant I had to sit with him whilst he napped which meant I never got anything done so I just started letting him fall asleep on me in the lounge and taking him upstairs to his cot and it has been fine. I was expecting more tears but he seems to quite like it up there now. In the daytime at least, we've yet to get him out of our bed at night! grin

SummerHeightsHigh Fri 19-Jun-09 10:57:17

At first my DD would not nap anywhere, so if she fell asleep we left her wherever she was (provided it was safe). But once she was past the teeny tiny newborn stage we started working on getting her to nap in her cot in her room. We used the babywhisperer sshh/pat technique and after a while it made things a lot easier.

Now she goes down well every nap (she is 16weeks) and its lovely being able to get things done downstairs whilst she sleeps upstairs undisturbed.

If you wanted to move your LO to his room, I would really recommend the babywhisperer sleep techniques even if you're not interested in the routine bit IYSWIM.

RunJHC Fri 19-Jun-09 15:52:14

Great thanks for all your messages. Might try the cot (maybe with the radio on in the background to fool him into thinking he's in the lounge!) for naps next week.

He doesn't have set nap times, but tends to always one in the morning and late afternoon so will start with those and see what happens...

RunJHC Fri 19-Jun-09 15:53:16

whoops always have one in the morning - really should preview messages!

HarryB Mon 22-Jun-09 14:23:16

DS was napping on the sofa, but as he was starting to roll around a bit, I had to watch him constantly as he will not sleep in his cot during the day. In case anyone is having the same problem, we have now bought him a Fisher Price Infant to toddler rocker. It's great for naps as the back reclines for sleep and it's somewhere to keep the LO whilst you catch up on mumsnet housework. Converts into a seat for toddlers up to 40lbs, so at £58, we should get a good couple of years use from it. smile

maisie215 Fri 26-Jun-09 10:17:19

We're having the same dilemma here. DS 8 months has always napped in the living room in his pram and in the last month or two goes down like an absolute dream with the radio on in the background. I just walk away and he goes to sleep in about 5-10mins without a peep.

He is growing out of his pram though and I can see he isn't going to last there forever. This morning I put him in his cot for his first nap and he spent 30 mins rolling about and dragging himself along the bars. I managed to get him to sleep eventually with shh pat but I'm also looking for a bit of reassurance that once he's used to being in the cot he'll eventually go down as easily as he does in the pram. Anyone had this problem?

RunJHC Mon 29-Jun-09 18:08:53

Thanks for the advice - DS had his first nap in his moses basket in his cot (IYSWIM) today for 1.5 hours! Brilliant. I thought I would get loads of things done in the house but ended up sitting in the garden and reading my book instead blush.

Maisie - sorry, don't have any advice myself but will bump this up the list and hopefully some wise mothers will be along soon...

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