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Urgh...screaming at 4.30. Any ideas, anyone?

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PlumpRumpSoggyBaps Mon 15-Jun-09 11:35:34

My 19 month old ds has suddenly started screaming blue murder in the wee small hours (Dh describes it as being like a pig squealing) and seems to be inconsolable, even when picked up.He'll arch his back and struggle to get out of our arms.

Usually a drink of milk calms him down but last night he was doing the screaming, crying etc, we gave him the milk,he drank it and then carried on screaming etc for another hour or so.

Is he too young to be having nightmares? TBH the sounds he's making sound, to me, like his newly-developed tantrumming noises- do toddlers have tantrums in the middle of the night? (as well as during the day sad)

He used to wake around half four/five and we'd give him a drink and he'd go back to sleep- did we make a rod for our own backs there and he's now demanding more?

Totally bamboozled here- if anyone's got any wise words I'll be forever grateful......

MamaMaiasaura Mon 15-Jun-09 22:11:13

It sounds like he might be having nightmares or terrors. They are changing so quickly at this age and so much to process as well. My ds2 is coming up 18 months old and we've had a few nights like this.

Forget the 'rod ofr own back' crap. THey 'cant' wake themselves up on purpose. Waqking for a need and you being fab parents are fulfilling it x hth

K999 Mon 15-Jun-09 22:13:32

Would echo night terrors/nightmare...nothing really you can do I'm afraid but stay with him till he is calm.....they usually grow out of them

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