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highlandmum Wed 11-May-05 13:41:50

singing lullabies helped both mine to sleep from very early age - really good for speech and lang dev't, rhythm skills, focused listening, bonding, etc. Interesting website with some Scottish lullabies and lots about why singing to children from very early age is good for them \link{}. Worth a try for a good night's sleep! Mine love a song especially when they're ill.

99redballoons Thu 12-May-05 13:45:31

Mine too highlandmum, ds especially liked one or two and we still have to sing them every night before he goes down (he's almost 2 now)! Will have a look at the site.

MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 13:48:30

I sing a Deneice Williams lullaby to mine. I've sung it to all of them. It does something to me too. I think that singing to children is a great thing to do.

flum Thu 12-May-05 13:51:05

I sing Peter Paul and Mary

and all the Watership Down songs because I love em

DP always sings The Gambler

and that one

Rocking rolling riding, out along the bay
All bound for morning town, many miles away

who sang that?

happymerryberries Thu 12-May-05 13:52:41

I used to sing , 'You are my sunshine' and 'the Java jug song'! Wierd

happymerryberries Thu 12-May-05 13:53:19

Flum was it the Seekers? Not the New Seekers

happymerryberries Thu 12-May-05 13:55:17

Yup, go to

crap music for it, sorry!

flum Thu 12-May-05 13:55:22

dunno my daddy used to sing it when i was little.

sweet song

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