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help! Need strategies to get 11 month old to go to sleep without massive parental intervention.

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robino Fri 12-Jun-09 09:18:56

DD2 is 11 months. She needs rocking to sleepy state and then patting and rubbing to drop off. It is exhausting, she is big, heavy and strong. I do nearly all bedtimes on my own, she shares a room with DD1. ↲DD1 has been so good about waiting patiently and being quiet but is understandably getting a bit jealous. Last night i was up with one or both of them til 9.45 trying to get them to sleep, OH away on business. Have just really shouted at DD2 getting her down for her nap and had to leave her screaming for 10 minutes in her cot while i calmed down. ↲she is tired when i try to get her to sleep.↲sorr for bad typing, am on phone as have no internet at mo, just moved.

johnworf Fri 12-Jun-09 17:49:00

I'd say put her down for 5 minutes and leave her. If she screams, then go in, rub her back but don't pick her up. Once you manage 5 minutes, then go to 10 and so on.

You might want to look at controlled crying. There's bound to be a thread on here.

Unfortunately your DD#1 is going to have to bear with it while you get this sorted. It's reckoned after a week you can see huge difference in getting DC down to sleep by themself smile

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