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dreamofsleep Wed 10-Jun-09 19:43:24

after reading many of your messages i am joining in my dd is 16months never slept through well maybe once last june tried 2 weeks of cont crying up 4 hours dd made herself sick not 4 me . we co/sieep to knackered to try bed again dd hated moses basket ,cot , cot bed she wakes every 3 hours every 2 at moment teeth !we go back 2 sleep by bf didnt think i would still be bf at 16 months she still loves it how do i stop ? tryed dp 2 get her back 2 sleep dd goes crazy screams like a murder is happening someone hellllppp

specialmagiclady Wed 10-Jun-09 19:48:01

DOn't try to do all at once - going from cosleeping with lots of BFing to NOTHING is going to be horrible for everyone. Break down into manageable parts (eg. aim to settle at bedtime in own bed, then move to only bringing into your bed after, say, 2 in the morning, then 3, then 4 etc.)

Search for gradual withdrawal. I found this easier than controlled crying.

Too shattered too say more, sure others will be along.

dreamofsleep Wed 10-Jun-09 19:58:11

thank you have tried to settle dd in her bed wakes after half an hour just gets in a state at lest in our bed she sleeps till 1030 goes to sleep arond 630/7 bf ! would like to go out with dp maybe 1 night not sure how i can

jellybelly25 Wed 10-Jun-09 22:04:56

What would happen if you were not in the house and dp tried to settle her to sleep at bedtime? I think it is not surprising that she is screaming for you if she knows you are right there! But if you're not in the house or are downstairs perhaps she would settle for him... Just a thought. I would probably not bother putting her in a bed yet as it's too big a change. She needs to start taking comfort from him and other things than the breast before you can separate from her completely.

I can't do leaving kids to cry either it's so traumatic and makes them more clingy i think.

dreamofsleep Thu 11-Jun-09 07:30:23

good idea but dp works 5 nights tried all sorts of milk & formulas through this last year just turns cup upside down or just wont have it tried differant bottles nothing works just going to keep bf till i can say you are a big girl etc seems alot of mums do that as for sleep i,m just hoping it will come hmmmmm

specialmagiclady Thu 11-Jun-09 09:57:07

Just a quick thought. I don't think there's any way to get a small person to change their behaviour without them crying at all, it's how they make their feelings known. You will just have to get through it at some point, when you're good and ready. (Sounds like you're getting there!)

I always think that in parenting there's a fine line to be walked between what you want and what your child wants. When you cross the line between "I want to see you sleeping by any means possible" and "I want to have sex with my husband, have a life, get my bed back" or whatever, you'll find the strength to deal with the hysterics that youc child will have.

Everyone's line is different. If you try some of the things people/books suggest and you can't cope with the crying, you haven't crossed it yet.

At some point, you'll just think "Tough luck, dearie." and then you'll be able to manage, harsh as it sounds.

Have you tried wearing a nightie for a week and then giving it to her as a comfort blanket?

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