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Should I do something about 9 month DS's sleep habits?

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Hopefully Tue 09-Jun-09 18:22:28

DS was a horrendous sleeper until about 6 weeks ago, when he randomly went from 3-10 wakings a night to sleeping through hmm. He was getting up early, but no major drama.

The last 2 weeks, however, he's started waking in the night again (think it stemmed from gut problems as I stopped BFing, the wakings coincided with him going on formula and he is farting for Britain). He is now having a bottle a night, usually around 3am. He is also waking at about 5:30 and absolutely will not settle in his cot again. However, if I stick him in the pram (cameleon) and jiggle it, he will zonk out till 7:30-8am, farting merrily in his sleep. He also has all his daytime naps in the pram, as he is a pain in the neck to settle in his cot.

So, basically, should I be worrie?
1) Is there any physical reason he shouldn't spend so much sleep time in his pram? He is probably in it for something like 4 hours a day, if you include naps and errands.
2. Should I be doing something to keep him in his cot, or is it better to make sure he is in the habit of sleeping in the early hours, even if it's in his pram?

I spent his first few months in a state of total anxiety about his sleep (damn NCT friends and their sleeping babies), routines and the rest of it, and am now worrying that having eased up on myself and stressing less that I have let him go too far 'the other way' iykwim.

He eats 3 huge meals a day (BLW), and still has 25oz of milk (teensy bit of a piggy), but is following 50th centile, so presumably it's an appropriate amount for him...

JayneHatter Tue 09-Jun-09 21:48:17

As long as the pram is flat, I shouldn't worry. One thing I would say is make sure you set a good bedtime routine and put him to bed while he's still awake and probably teh other stuff will fall into place after a while.

My first baby used to fart all night too! grin

Hopefully Wed 10-Jun-09 11:31:51

He has a good bedtime routine, and goes down for the night quite happily, which is why I hadn't been worrying about the daytimes, until someone said something to me about how I was damaging my baby by putting him in the pram so much hmm

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