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newborn sleep

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sammyben Mon 08-Jun-09 09:55:22

hi, my baby girl is not settling at all at night.she seems to feed and sleep fine all day then when the evening comes she just seems adjetated.i feed her as normal and change her but she wont settle at all and im up all night withher.any suggestions??many thanks.sammy

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 08-Jun-09 09:57:35

new babies are programmed to be awake at night because this is when prolactin (the hormone needed to make milk) is released.

Baby awake.....Baby feeds...More milk made.....

will go on for a few weeks then hopefully settle a bit..

and congratulations.

ches Tue 09-Jun-09 03:29:25

Newborns go through growth spurts at close intervals and can eat on a 2 hour schedule around the clock during one. It's also common for them to 'cluster feed' in the evenings where they feed much more frequently, stocking up on creamy hind milk. Around 6 weeks they start to tell night from day and can go longer between feeds overnight then. (Not all do, though. Some stay on a 3-hour feed schedule until they're good and weaned.)

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