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is it safe to give my son a pillow

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memct Sun 07-Jun-09 23:31:06

When my 11 1/2 month old son comes into our bed in the morning he loves to snuggle into our pillows. We were considering getting him one for his cot but were concerned about any safety issues and whether it would be bad for his neck etc.
Any advice or information gratefully received

Nicadooby Mon 08-Jun-09 10:40:52

Hi there, yes i'm sure that babies can have pillows from the age of 12 months old Nx

angel1976 Mon 08-Jun-09 10:54:45

Make sure you get a cot pillow, they are slightly smaller than a full size and fairly flat so reduces the risk of smothering. But it should be perfectly safe from 12 months onwards, DS has had one since 11 months.

SparkyToo Thu 11-Jun-09 15:14:06

From 12 months old, as Nicadooby has pointed out. I suppose by the time you get one - he'll be 12 months old!!

I think children either love to sleep on a pillow (like our youngest who lies quite still right through the night and his head seems to remain all night through), or just manage to wriggle right off it (like our eldest) and might as well continue to sleep without one!

This is a really good toddler pillow, though it is part of a duvet and pillow cot bed set.

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