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Anyone any experience at ditching the dummy at 10 months? did baby find another way to soothe him/herself?

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mrswill Sun 07-Jun-09 20:53:39

10 month old dd, has used her dummy since a week old to go to sleep and is quite attached to it. She only has it at sleep times and isnt interested in it during the day. Im looking to ditch it by the time shes one, because of the whole teeth speech thing, plus i just cant be arsed fishing round for them in the middle of the night . For those of you who ditched the dummy around this age, how long and how much crying was involved [hopeful emoticon]. And did they resort to their thumb or sucking on something else - soft toy etc. I feel very cruel taking away a much loved dummy, but it has to happen sometime, maybe now is better as she cant throw tantrums for it!!

nicnic01 Sun 07-Jun-09 21:02:25

No Advice from me Im afraid but very interested in this post. My DD is 8 months and just like your dd although she would definitely have her dummy whilst awake if I let her. Waiting with bated breath for the advice as, although not in any huge hurry, I dont want my dd to be dependant on a dummy for long. Just a personal opinion so hope I dont offend anyone, and I knowI have yet to go through it so may fail miserably and become a big hippocrite but I really dont like seeing toddlers, especially older toddlers with dummies. Good luck Mrswill, let me know how you get on!

Hormonesnomore Sun 07-Jun-09 21:02:52

Do you have to ditch the dummy by the time your dd is one? You're both doing really well if it's only used at sleep time & you can always keep spares in her cot. My ds had his until he was 4.5 and it didn't affect his teeth or his speech at all. He just gradually & naturally gave up by himself - he wouldn't have liked his school friends to have seen him with his dummies! In fact his sister who sucked her thumb affected her teeth more (she didn't give up till the dentist told her to at the age of 9).

Umlellala Sun 07-Jun-09 21:48:51

My dd is 3 and still has her dummy for sleep and comfort (and whenever she gets her hands on it hmm) - drives me absolutely crazy but tbh there are so many times when I wish ds (10mths) would take one. He is so noisy!

mollythetortoise Sun 07-Jun-09 21:54:32

if just used at night and she is very attached i would wait till older. it won't affect speech if just used when asleep. My dd was a dummy aholic but just for sleeping at night and day time naps. I let her have it.. (although was a pain to find at night when lost etc). I took it away when she was about 2.5 and a night or two of asking for it and since then no probs. a one year old can't understand why she can't have it but a 2.5 year old can and doesn't physically need to suck as much aswell. i would let her keep dummy for now.. it's not a big deal

mrswill Mon 08-Jun-09 12:36:48

Thanks for replies, decided i probably wont get rid of it for a while now, as she doesnt hanker after it in the day. Also am a big softie and would prefer to explain to her and barter a bit with promises of presents etc, instead of feeling like she doesnt understand why its taken away. Righto am off to buy loads to scatter round the cot! Many thanks for your replies.

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