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Why can't i sleep??

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yousaidit Sun 07-Jun-09 00:10:53

it's not a problem re my dcs, its me.

for at least a week, i'm having to stay up really late (for me) to be able to drop off when i go to bed.

i've got two dcs who are (touch wood) really good, and have a firm bedtime routine, so after about half 7 it is just me and dh, buteven if i'm really tired, when i go to bed, i just cannot nod off, and if dh goes to bed first, then the slightest snoring will drive me insane! consequently, i'm not going to bed before 12, half 12, but i'm getting up anywhere between 6.30 and 7.30 and feeling pooped! why has this started happening to me??

wrinklytum Sun 07-Jun-09 00:13:05

Dunno.Try tuning into the world service or a talk radio station,sends me off to sleep everytimeAre you worried about anything?

ExplodingBananas Mon 08-Jun-09 21:09:16

You could try some herbal sleeping tablets, I have them in the drawer by my bed for the odd nights I am up worrying after an hour or so of getting into bed.

SydneyB Fri 12-Jun-09 14:43:19

Yousaidit - I'm just the same. Since having DS who is now 8 months I just don't sleep properly. DD is a dream sleeper and even DS who was rubbish at first now sleeps pretty well. But I just don't. I just don't seem to drop off into a deep sleep anymore and the slightest stirring has me wide awake. Don't know what to suggest really but have read quite a lot about it and it sounds like you are doing the right thing by going to bed later. The thing is that it gets much worse when it becomes a worry. Try to remember that your body will always make sure you get enough sleep to survive. Also, what is the worst thing that can happpen if you don't get much sleep? The trick is to try to get it all into perspective so that you are in a relaxed state about it. Not easy. Cut out all booze and caffeine too. I just wonder if now that I have 2 kids I'll never really sleep well again.. If it helps, you're not alone!

PrettyCandles Fri 12-Jun-09 14:53:50

It could be that your tolerance to caffeine has changed. Cut down on tea, coffee and chocolate, and don't have any of them after, say 6pm.

Try having a bedtime snack of a hot or warm drink and a banana or some bread and jam (carbohydrates), and get yourself into your own bedtime routine.

I like to read or do pen-and-paper puzzles in bed, but as soon as I find my attention wandering I put the book down and switch the light off. I know that if I push through that stage I will be able to continue reading or whatever, but that I won't settle to sleep. It's almost as if there is a window of opportunity - just like with a groggy child!

If you find that you can't stop thinking about problems or things that need to be donw, keep a notepad and pencil by the bed and write them down. But once you've written them down close the notepad or turn it over - the idea is that you've put the thought somewhere safe, where it will keep until tomorrow and won't nag you in case you forget it.

HTH. smile

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