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Double Mattress or Two Singles?

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justlookatthatbooty Fri 05-Jun-09 19:45:37

We co-sleep and I'm wondering if any other co-sleepers have experience of two single mattresses instead of a double. We're in Europe and our bed is very large (180 x 200cm) + a three sided cot attached to it for DS (which he rarely stays in but it gives more space) I think that's a double king in UK size? Anyway, we have just bought beds that go up and down so you can sit up to bfeed or read to the kids etc, but they only really make sense with two single mattresses, otherwise you have to send both sides up and down each time.
I'm wondering about a) safety - although the mattresses are tightly packed together and held there because of the bedframe and b) comfort. I'm 33 weeks pregnant so soon there'll be four of us



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