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Thinking of introducing a dummy at night for my 13m old

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nomorechoc Fri 05-Jun-09 14:34:34

The same as lots of you, i am really struggling with lack of sleep after 1 year of sleepless nights - DS will only go to sleep on breast and wakes up frequently and only goes back to sleep, in bed with me, on the breast.
i am wanting to stop bfeeding v soon anyway and also co-sleeping so wondering if introducing a 'night dummy' may be an answer. He did actually have a dummy until about 4 m old but i removed it, too early i think, mainly for snobbish reasons i admit on my part.
any thoughts?
i know its prob just another thing that i will need to wean him off, but at least he can stay in own cot; i can stop bfeeding; and DH can help out HELP!

6inchnipples Fri 05-Jun-09 14:55:50

my dc1 was co sleeping and bfing still at this age. i weaned him onto bottles of milk which was a pain for a while as he'd wake at lookin for bottle to get back to sleep. i weaned him off the bottle by watering it down and giving less each time. was gradual approach.

dc2 weaned off bfing amd co sleep at 9 mnths using dummy. now 2 and half and still very attached to dummy, has open gape too which 4yo doesn't have from plan as how to get dc2 off dummy with out going cold turkey.

dc3 co sleeping and bfing all night now at 8 mnths. thinking i'd rather do the bottle thing as best of two 'evils' hmm

can't really help but that was my experience of breaking the bfing co sleeping habit.

ches Sun 07-Jun-09 04:01:25

Good luck with the dummy... your DS will almost certainly turn his nose up at it. He is probably working on his molars and in pain. At least what you describe is what happened with my DS when his molars started moving through the jaw. (Six months of hell and 10 bottles of ibuprofen later he had his first four molars and four canines.)

Now is a very good time to night wean if that is what you want. He is getting to the point of processing sequences so able to know in advance 'what comes next' and respond accordingly. Also, night weaning once your baby can ask with a word is heartbreaking all around. At least before your lo can ask directly you can just comfort the crying as you would any other. Your DH can take over on night wakings and start a middle-of-the-night routine (maybe a nappy change and a cuddle?). Just remember that night weaning does NOT equal sleeping through the night for many children.

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