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6 week old not settling after 3am feed - any advice?

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Kingsford Fri 05-Jun-09 01:01:40

My 6 week old is unsettled after her 3am (ish!) feed and only dozes until her next feed at 6am. She wakes up every 20 minutes or so - I'm using a dummy so I pop that back into her mouth, and she nods off again for another 20 minutes before waking again.

Any advice on how I can get her to sleep 'soundly' after this 3am feed? Or is it something that she'll grow out of?

MegBusset Fri 05-Jun-09 20:19:31

No advice but sympathy, DS2 (5 weeks) does this after about 5am -- today he didn't really settle at all after that <tired>

I'm sure DS1 was like this too, they must grow out of it, otherwise why would I have decided it was a good idea to have another one? hmm

nannynz Fri 05-Jun-09 20:35:56

My four week old charge is doing the same thing. I make sure the lights are off and and I talk quietly, use the dummy at times as well. They usually outgrow this by 3 months - I think all my babies have.

rubyslippers Fri 05-Jun-09 20:37:33

swaddle - nice and firmly

works a treat

but also don't expect too much from a 6 week old ... she will get there ...

jelliebelly Fri 05-Jun-09 20:39:59

Could be wind? My ds was terrible for this until we realised that we had to make sure he did a good burp after each feed (even if it meant rubbing his back and patting etc for what felt like forever). Doesn't work for everybody but did for us smile

TheProvincialLady Fri 05-Jun-09 20:41:42

Swaddle, or co sleep and leave boob in mouth? (Your boob, her mouth obv!)

6inchnipples Fri 05-Jun-09 20:42:06

in my experience at this young age they either sleep soundly from early evening until early morning then its fits and starts OR they are awake in the evening until late (maybe 11pm when u are going to bed and then they sleep late in the morning.

We had the choice of no free time without kids in evening and bubs coming to bed with us and would sleep and feed in a settled way until i got up around 8. She'd sleep on while i got other two up and breakfasted, then i'd get her up a little later around 9.15am.

OR she'd settle aat 6.30/7pm and sleep and feed soundly until around 3am then it'd be at least hourly feeding until i got up at 7 (earlier as it was getting annoying being woken so much!)Then i'd put her back down to nap at 8.30 and get other 2 organised then.

The later bedtime for bubs worked better for me as sleep more of a priority for me than childfree time.

countrylover Fri 05-Jun-09 21:02:21

My DS1 did this too and yes, he outgrew it by three months. But my word, it was hard work and utterly exhausting for those few weeks.

If its any consulation they're not all the same - DS2 is sleeping from 8pm - 8pm with a dream feed at 11pm and waking for a feed a 5am but no fuss going back to sleep at all. He's six weeks old and the only difference is that we don't use a dummy.

I'm sure with DS1 half the problem was that as soon as he dropped into a deep sleep the dummy would fall out and it would wake him up again. It was a vicious circle.

This time I am using a dummy but only during the day when DS2 is cranky and not at night as I know for us personally it caused a world of pain.

countrylover Fri 05-Jun-09 21:03:27

Sorry meant 8pm until 8am obviously!

Kingsford Sat 06-Jun-09 06:00:58

Thank you all. Last night she went down again like a dream until 7.45am - but not getting too excited about it yet. Only another 6 weeks to go until the magic 3 months.

logrrl Sat 06-Jun-09 21:41:54

Hi my DS does this from time to time and the advice I was given was to keep to my established routine (i.e. dark room, no interaction, silence) no matter what and he would fall back in to his "routine". Worked for us this week, with him going back to his regular waking every three hours instead grin...but at least he goes down straight after his feed and isn't awake for hours in between, eh?

ches Sun 07-Jun-09 03:51:22

She's having a growth spurt and is hungry. Remove dummy and insert bottle/nipple.

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