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Co-sleeping 17 month old DEFIES bedtime!

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justlookatthatbooty Thu 04-Jun-09 19:37:25

Takes on average 2 hours a night to settle DS 17 months. He started sleeping in our bed from about 14 months after all the sleep training bullshit did nothing whatsoever for any of us. Now we all get a pretty good night's sleep except that I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and sleep light anyway. However, getting him to actually lie down and stay lying down at bedtime is something else. He's never been a good self soother, never took to a dummy or a blankey or any other cuddly thing so props don't seem to work. It just takes the longest time for him to feel sleepy, even though he's clearly tired if you know what I mean? It just feels like our evening time is completely consumed by this immense bedtime ritual and we'd love to be able to spend more time together or relaxing on our own. Not prepared to do any more CC crap and DS self weaned at 12 months but does have a bedtime bottle. Anyone have any sensible, humane suggestions? Thanks!

spicemonster Thu 04-Jun-09 19:42:03

Hmm - is it too late maybe? I know my DS will keep on going and going in the manner of a duracell bunny but if I don't get him early enough, he'll be overtired and then all hell breaks loose. Do you have a rigid bedtime routine? Bath, book, bottle, bed (and song but that doesn't alliterate nicely )

Alternatively, is he just waiting for you to come to bed? My DS cosleeps most nights but I actually put him to bed in his own bed. Then bring him in with me when he wakes.

Sorry, just vague ramblings but may be useful ...

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