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6 week dd has bags under her eyes, help!

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steppes Thu 04-Jun-09 13:18:37

For the last couple of weeks dd, now nearly 6 weeks, has had very restless sleep a lot of the time, resulting in ever bigger bags under her eyes. She goes into rem sleep, 5 mins later stirs, makes noises and stretches as though waking up, sometimes opens her eyes too, then back to rem sleep for another few minutes, basically repeats this pattern for up to a couple of hours, until she wakes up properly, often wakes up crying and yawning straightaway. This just seems such like she's not getting enough proper sleep and is tired a lot, is there anything I can do?

At night she sleeps in our bed, day time sometimes in moses basket, more often now in wrap sling or on me or in pram. Sometimes she goes into deep sleeps, sometimes as above, in any of these places. Recent evenings been hard to get her to sleep anywhere.

Basically I'm just a worried first timer and would love to know anyone else's experience or advice as hate to see her so tired and feel like I don't know how to help, thanks.

reikizen Thu 04-Jun-09 20:43:40

Stop worrying, sounds quite normal to me, and if she is sleeping for a couple of hours I can't see a problem but I think you might be 'over thinking' as I'm not sure how you can tell what quality of sleep she is getting!! Babies do stir a lot in their sleep and I've never heard of them getting bags under their eyes. 6 week old babies are tired a lot. They have a lot of learning and growing to do. Hope that helps smile

yomellamoHelly Thu 04-Jun-09 20:53:33

Our dd is 6 1/2 weeks and also has bags under her eyes from midday onwards (also look quite red). We're nearly always out and about and there's usually loads going on so she finds it hard to settle. She does much better at the weekend when we're able to put her down in her basket in her (blacked-out, cool and quiet) bedroom.
I'm trying to create sleep associations for her in the form of a musical toy and a cuddly and also put a square over her to block out some of her surroundings. I also feed her if if she's getting really het up and I think it'll help.
I don't think the recent hot weather has helped either as she gets really hot if I swaddle her even in a cotton sheet.
Other than that don't see there's anything else I can do. My other two were awkward at around this age too but did eventually settle (ds1 a long time later; ds2 fairly quickly).
Like all things with kids I think you just need to keep saying "this too will pass"!

Kathleen95 Sun 20-Aug-17 11:35:21

Bought Dermalmd under eye serum for my daughter and she has noticed it has helped with the bags that she occasionally has under her eyes. She has only been using it for a short time so it will be interesting to see the long term results.

FATEdestiny Sun 20-Aug-17 11:41:38


New user, no other posts, bumped a zombie thread to advertise eye cream for babies. hmm

Eye cream for newborns. WTF?!

HT85 Sun 20-Aug-17 12:28:46

Eye cream for babies omg! shock

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