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Can someone please give me some advice for getting my little one to nap?

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hiccymapops Wed 03-Jun-09 14:25:06

Hello smile

I'm really struggling to get ds2 to nap (he's 24 weeks). He really won't go into his cot, i've tried loads of times and he breaks his little heart, so we're currently co-sleeping.

Ds1 was the same, but for different reasons (very bad reflux, and a poor gag reflex which caused him to stop breathing a few times) we also co-slept (poor dh has been on the sofa for nearly 3 years!) So for his naps, i used to just take him to bed with me, which also meant i got to catch up on some reading grin But obviously, this isn't an option with ds2, as i have ds1 to look after.

He will catnap in his bouncy chair, but he's nearly outgrown it, and i have put him outside in his pram a couple of times, but i'd ideally like him to sleep in his cot (where he'll get some peace from ds2)

Hope this all makes sense, i know i waffle!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

LaTrucha Wed 03-Jun-09 14:31:43

DD napping on me I(hurty tummy not her usual nap pose) so I'll keep it short.

No Cry Sleep Solution. Really helped me with naps.

hiccymapops Wed 03-Jun-09 14:36:16

Thank you, i've got that already, i tried it with ds1. I think i'll have to re-read it (haven't slept for 3 years, my brain is mush grin)

MrsHD Wed 03-Jun-09 14:38:05

Admittedly DS was a fair bit younger when I did this, but my approach was:

firstly spend time in his room with him so that the cot itself is very familiar and the bedroom has positive associations. That's the pyschobabble over. When the tired signs came, I would go into DS' room with him, shut his curtains and go through a routine of saying goodbye to the animals in a picture on his wall. He'd then go in his cot with his mobile on - just the dangly bits going round, no lights, no music. At first I sat next to him reading a book (my book!), so that he could see I was there but I wasn't focussing on him and I wasn't stimulating him. It took a little bit of getting used to for him, but I'd say within a week he'd got the idea and I didn't need to sit there til he dropped off. Until very recently he was a champion napper, but just lately he's been a bit more difficult.

Persistence is the key I think, esp with a 5-6 month old onwards. Good luck!

MrsHD Wed 03-Jun-09 14:40:19

Sorry - just to add that in that first week he did cry and object, but as I was sat there and from time to time saying something soothing I didn't feel too bad about that which made it easier to sit through it.

hiccymapops Wed 03-Jun-09 14:43:28

Thank you, that sounds like quite a good plan. I might try doing that gradually (as long as i can turn off from the sound of ds1 destructing everything downstairs while he has the chance grin)

MrsHD Fri 05-Jun-09 14:32:05

Ah, I didn't have that problem as DD is at school!

zoejeanne Sun 07-Jun-09 22:09:23

MrsHD that sounds like a great approach (especially as it means I get to do some reading grin). I'll give it a try, as I too am struggling with 5 mo who doesn't want to nap in the day. Just one question - do you use any blankets/bedding during the day? My DD has a sleeping bag at night, and I can't if I should put her in it for naps, for sleepy associations, or if it will confuse her during the day.

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