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Support Needed - Very Quickly

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Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 19:24:30

I've just put ds down without his bottle. We followed all the normal routines up to that point. He is still waking for a bottle during the night so I am stopping his bottle that he has when he goes to bed in the hope that he will also understand about not having it during the night.

Someone tell me I'm doing the right or wrong thing as he is crying at the moment. It's not heart breaking or distressed but I'm feeling bad and want to give in.

SHould I.

doormat Tue 29-Apr-03 19:26:15

If he doesn't have a dummy the bottle might be his comforter. how old is he?

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 19:28:35

Stress over. He's asleep now. How did I know that would happen. I'm pleased I was busy typing as he fell asleep.

Can someone tell me why he is waking during the night. He's certainly not cold as I got him a grobag and he is a hot little bunny anyway. I'm sure it is habit but I don't know how to break it. I suppose it is the fact that I need to stop weakening at 3.00 am in the morning.

All advice from those that have been through this appreciated.

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 19:29:26

The bottle is his comforter as he doesn't have a dummy. Should I keep giving him the bottle as his comforter?

josiejump Tue 29-Apr-03 19:38:41

Have you tried putting water in his bottle instead of milk? I did that with ds1 who was still waking for a bottle at 8mo, and eventually it worked-he just stopped the night waking ( tho I think I still gave him a bedtime bottle till he was quite a bit older).

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 19:41:04

I've tried watering down his bottle but he's cottoned on to that and still takes it. I think I'll go to full water tonight. He's 15 mths by the way so certainly old enough not to have one.

doormat Tue 29-Apr-03 19:59:09

My son who is 2 still needs his bottle to take to bed with him. I would keep one in his cot in case he wakes through the night.

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 20:00:44

Ok. I won't be quite so mean and make him go cold turkey.

doormat Tue 29-Apr-03 20:10:31

I'm not saying you are mean Meanmum. I think it will make your evenings that little bit easier.

susanmt Wed 30-Apr-03 12:35:44

Both my children (3yrs3mo and 15 months) take an anywayupcup of water to bed with them. For dd, the eldest, it is definitely a comfort thing, but it is always empty in the morning so she must drink it through the night. For ds it is something to keep him amused for an extra 10 mins in the morning before we have to get up!

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