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14 month old won't sleep at night...

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Paranoid1stTimer Sun 31-May-09 01:46:49

LO has never slept through the night. Before the nights started to get lighter he used to go to bed at 7:30-8pm and sleep until midnight. He would then be WIDE awake for 2 hrs before nodding back off until 6:30am and then be up for the day.

Now, he is 14 mnths old and is nowhere near ready to sleep until at least 9pm. He really fights sleep and will only take his last bottle of milk in a darkened room once he is almost asleep (rocked to sleep unfortunately as it is the ONLY thing that will work - have tried everything else) and he will sleep until between 11pm-1am. At that point he is again wide awake for at least 2 hours. The other night he was awake from 2am until 5:30am then got up at 7:30am for the day.

I am seriously sleep deprived now. Crying it out just makes him completely inconsolible and it just takes even longer to get him settled. I have tried pick up put down, shushing and all the other techniques over the past 6 months but he just seems to be getting worse.

Please help as I am sitting up here with him while DH sleeps as I am now SAHM and DH has to get up for work at 6am so I am on my own with this.

Thanks for anyones help. I am just sooooo tired...

littleboyblue Sun 31-May-09 04:27:45

Have you tried waking him to sleep? I used to wake ds1 up about half an hour before he was due to wake which seemed to encourage him to sleep abit longer.
I have also seen some very interesting threads in sleep topic, I'd have a scroll through them too.

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