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Lightweight duvet for 2yo? Also, does he need a pillow?

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MegBusset Sat 30-May-09 21:37:19

DS1 (2.3) has started getting annoyed by his grobag, doesn't want to get in it and has normally wriggled out of it by the morning. So thinking it might be time to try a duvet. So two questions:

1. Can anyone recommend a lightweight duvet that won't be too big (he is still in a cot atm, probably going in a bed in a couple of months when DS2 needs the cot). Or should I just use a sheet for the summer? His room is pretty warm (23 degrees tonight).

2. Should he have a pillow now, as well? Or should I leave that til he goes into a bed?


littleboyblue Sat 30-May-09 21:38:48

My ds1 has had a pillow since he was about 10 months. He is a sweaty child naturally so I still use blankets and sheets.

NellyTheElephant Sat 30-May-09 21:45:22

DD2 is also 2.3, I converted her cotbed into a bed when she was about 18 months and she has had a lightweight duvet since then (with blanket tucked over it in the winter), I bought it from the White Company and it is cotbed size. They have really lovely linen for them too..... all quite expensive though so if you are going to move him into a full size bed shortly then maybe not worth it.... Both my girls had pillows from just over a year old.

mellifluouscauliflower Sat 30-May-09 21:47:29

John Lewis do a 4 tog cot duvet. It will be big enough for a toddler bed too. If it's really hot, you can just use the duvet cover.

MegBusset Sat 30-May-09 22:00:50

Cheers, the JL one is pretty reasonable so will get that, i think.

Now, anyone know where to get a space-themed duvet cover...?

sjcmum Sun 31-May-09 14:32:56

Ikea do really reasonable cot duvets, pillows and bright fun covers etc - they are also big enough to use on a toddler bed (by dd has since 2.3). Much cheaper than anywhere else too - got the whole lot for about £35.

mellifluouscauliflower Sun 31-May-09 21:39:06

Next do a duvet cover "Alien Lift Off" £35

Sycamoretreeisvile Sun 31-May-09 21:46:38

Yes, do John Lewis or else Mamas and papas do great ones that are good for summer and you just chuck the whole thing in the wash. DD and DS both have one.

We have just put DS into his big boys bed and he slept with a quilt for the first time last night grin he's 20 months.

He has the gingerbread duvet from mamas and papas. DD has the pink roundabout bunny one but also John Lewis cotbed one which is thicker for the winter...

puffylovett Sun 31-May-09 21:51:50

I worried about duvets as DS has eczema and I wanted to keep him cool - I went for a single goose feather duvet, a 4 tog and a higher tog that can be attached together to make a warm winter duvet when he's older.
Got it from Dunelm Mill, it was about £35 I think - and they do space duvet covers etc.

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