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19mth and almost 3 - are they safe in the same bed?

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booboobunny Fri 29-May-09 14:11:17

we have recently begun doing a joint bedtime routine for my 2 nippers 19mths and (almost) 3yrs, which is proving brilliant as it frees one of me or hub to do something else in the evening.

however, as neither of my children have ever slept well in a cot we have, for the past couple of months, used a double mattress and a toddler bed for 19mt/3yo repsectively. what i'm finding though is that because we read stories snuggled up on the double mattress they both generally fall asleep on there. i have a nagging worry though that it isn't safe to leave them there though as they love cuddling up to one another and i'm worried they may just lay on top of each other when asleep. the youngest has always wanted to be as close as possible to someone when he settles/sleeps - i often say he'd climb inside you if he could, he's that snuggly.

am i being over-dramatic or is this just not safe? right now i will leave them like that while i'm in the room but always pick my daughter up and put her in her bed before i leave, but is this necessary???

Mij Fri 29-May-09 20:46:10

Hi, don't have any factual info but I'm interested in this cos I'm planning for my two (DC2 not born yet!) to be co-sleeping when DC2 is one-ish, assuming they want to.

My gut feeling is that you know your kids best, and if you're not comfortable letting them sleep together, keep moving your oldest. Having said that I'd be very surprised if any 19mo would let a 3 year old lie on top of him without waking and protesting! Is your older one a particularly heavy or restless sleeper? If you'd like to stop moving your DD, could you nick a tip from one of the Dr Sears clan and put something firm between them, but leave them on the same mattress?

WriggleJiggle Fri 29-May-09 20:51:23

I've been wondering about this. Mine are 19mths and 3.1yrs. dd2 is going to move into a bed soon (although we haven't bought one yet), so I did consider just letting them both snuggle up in the spare double bed that is in their room.

My only reasons for not doing it just yet are
1) Will they distract each other too much to get to sleep
2) Can dd2 cope with a duvet rather than the grobag she currently uses?

Umlellala Sun 31-May-09 07:40:41

Hey, my two often go to sleep in the same bed in the evening, though we are awake of course to check on them/hear.

I figure ds (10mths and massive) would let us, and her, know if dd lay on him... grin

2Shoots Sun 31-May-09 07:45:45

I co-sleep with dd2 (18m) and dd1(5) will often come into bed with us. I get up at about 6 and will leave them both in bed together snuggling up till about 8 sometimes- no problem with them

Babieseverywhere Sun 31-May-09 08:00:15

We co-sleep with my children and in the evening they are asleep together in the evening.

Ours are 9 months (DS) and 2.9 years (DD).

Because of the age of the youngest, we have the baby in a sleep sack (to limit crawling) on my side on the bed with no additional bedding and our toddler sleeps on DH's side with part of the duvet and we roll up the excess duvet to form a sausage in the middle of the bed, to help fence the baby in.

That said a couple of nights we have found them cuddled up together on the baby side....awwww

My hope is to transfer them together to their own room at some point into a double bed.

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