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Moses basket to cot?

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KEAWYED Fri 29-May-09 10:30:54

When do you change from moses basket to cot {which I will be bringing into my bedroom}

Its for DS3 and my mind has just gone blank.

Think I must of mentally blocked out the first few weeks with DS1 & DS2! wink

Hes only 17 days old but his arms are hitting the sides.

Thanks xx

bubblagirl Fri 29-May-09 19:33:52

i put Moses basket into cot and gradually removed him to cot only, wrapped in his blankets

KEAWYED Mon 01-Jun-09 20:29:14


countrylover Wed 03-Jun-09 09:48:29

Both DS's were giant babies - each 10 pounders when born so they didn't last long in the moses basket.

I put DS2 into his cot a few weeks ago and he must have been about three weeks old.

To start with I put rolled up towels along the side of him so he felt secure.

KingRolo Wed 03-Jun-09 09:50:15

Moved dd to the cot at 3 mo. As she was swaddled she didn't seem to notice too much. Getting her out of the swaddling a few weeks later was a more trying experience!

KEAWYED Wed 03-Jun-09 20:48:16

thanks xx

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