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No Cry Sleep Solution - anyone tried?

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babybloos Fri 06-May-05 08:52:38

I thought I had read all the books to help dd get a night sleep and manage to nap during the day without screaming the house down, but a mumsnetter suggested Elizabeth Pantley's book and I love it. Extracting some of the Americanisms - no offense, her lovely soft approach really suited me and dd is thriving! Early bedtimes and I mean 6pm, and regular daytime naps are bringing me success in only a few days so if anyone needs another idea I would try her. Very simple suggestions and my dd isn't as bad as some of her examples but if you don't want to do cc this is the best option!! Good Luck would love to hear from others if you agree/disagree

gs Sun 08-May-05 20:51:03

ooh i must try this - is it for all ages too?- mine is 9 mths? thx for recommendation

vicdubya Sun 08-May-05 21:18:14

Which suggestions particularly worked for you?

I read a bit of it once, can't really remember.

Harrie Mon 16-May-05 12:10:37

Am putting my order in today. Baby is cradled in my arms now as she will not sleep in her cot during the day. Everyday is different, si I will try this book. Ta

chicca Thu 19-May-05 22:34:31

I too bought it on recommendation from another Mumsnetter. I have read most of it and it seems completely up my street with suggestions for many of the problems I am facing.

One that hasn't worked is the finger under the chin trick when you release your boob from baby's mouth. DS just bats it away in a kind of "what the hell do you thin you are doing" kinda way.

Currently having serious bedtime trouble though. DS very tired around 7 and then when it come to feeding to sleep (still bl*y doing that) he's going crazy.

babybloos Fri 20-May-05 10:23:02

I think the realisation that my dd was really overtired and that all the advice I had been given about feeding before sleeping being soooo bad was not relevant at 5 - 6 months old. It works so well dd having a nap shortly after breakfast and then keeping her going until after lunch. Maybe the coinciding of weaniing helped but making sure dd was nice and full but not feeding to sleep worked miracles. I never thought she was starving but in only 1 - 2 days dd went from only sleeping in buggy for naps and still with a scream/stuggle to being layed in cot and closing door and she settled herself to sleep within 5 mins!! She did change every day prior to this and I never knew if I was coming or going but now everything is cool and I can handle any blips and there are some but life is good - I will have to change my nickname to babycoos!!

dinosaur Fri 20-May-05 10:26:18

I read it and have tried it with DS3 a few times. However it has not brought us any success. Our main problem is that it takes quite a long time to do (she suggests 10 days to start with) and DS3 has NEVER had a spell of 10 days when he hasn't had a cold/chest infection/ear infection and thus been even more wakeful and harder to settle than usual!!

So, as I am getting seriously down with exhaustion, we are going to do cc the week after half-term. It worked with DS1 and DS2, and frankly I can't stand many more nights of only 3-4 hours sleep.

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