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15 month old forgotten how to sleep...?

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Alderney Fri 06-May-05 08:50:47

Pufflet has always been a fantastic sleeper...

Slept through from about 12 weeks, used to sleep from 8 - 7, no struggle to go to sleep...

Couple of weekends ago we went on holiday, she was sleeping in our room, she hasn't slept properly since...

On holiday she refused to sleep before 11 and woke up at 7. Now she will not go to bed without a fight either for her nap or her nighttime.

She seems to be suffering badly from seperation anxiety - the only way I can get her to sleep is let her fall asleep on me, put her in her bed with her story cd on, stay until she is really really asleep, then I can sneak out. Mr Alderney can't get her to go to sleep at all...

We have tried "Pick Up Put Down" and she will go to sleep, but Mr just cannot stick with it - he can't understand that it takes a few nights (Its not a solution on how to make her sleep tonight, its a long term way to teach her how to put herself to sleep again), and he cannot understand that yes he will have to pick her up and put her down a number of times.

Out of nowhere last night with no background reading on his part, he decided (without my knowledge.agreement) to do some sort of Ferber method (it was on a website he says) which sounded to me like controlled crying. She was very very distressed by it, and I was very distressed that Mr decided on a new strategy without research or discussion. I thought he was upstairs doing Pick-Up-Put-Down = I went upstairs to find him swanning around and going to the loo for 20 minutes while Pufflet screamed.

After we came back from holiday she was ill with a cold and bad bad teeth so it has been 2 weeks since she went to sleep "like she used to" - do we need a sleep strategy (and if so, what to people recommend), or is this just a blip and she will soon go back to how she was before = has she now unlearned all her good sleep habits..??



wheresmyfroggy Fri 06-May-05 08:55:08

DD was ill at about the same age and started being difficult about going to bed (prob because we took her into our bed a few times while she was ill)

We used controlled crying and even though it was a couple of really hard nights it was soon back to normal

acnebride Fri 06-May-05 09:04:18

Could have written the same post! - see '16 months and sleep is a mess' elsewhere in Sleep. Holidays always mess things up, and then it's one thing after another.

Got to sort it out with DH, I agree you need to be doing the same system. I've been doing a slightly modified controlled crying with ds - timings exactly like Ferber (who btw says never leave your dc for longer than 15 mins - quite long enough) but instead of just standing by the door when I go in, I do go and stroke his head, lie him down in the cot again etc, just so that I am sure he's not wet/feverish (also cos it's nicer). We did one night which took 35 mins in total and so far 2 good nights, but we will have to stick with it at some point.

I got DH to sleep on the sofabed downstairs as I just wanted to get on with it. But I know he would stick to what I asked him to stick to, once he'd signed up to it.

Hope you can find a solution.

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