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De-swaddling, self-settling and rolling over - what to do??

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KiwiPanda Sun 17-May-09 09:46:40

We finally decided to take DD (5 months) out of her swaddle and have had a series of bad nights where she won't go to sleep unless we lie next to her and hold her hands. She wakes up maybe 10-15 times a night. She's also got a stinking cold/cough so I suppose that's not helping, but I wondered if any other late-swaddlers had similar problems and how long it took for the little one to get used to the freedom?

The other problem - and the reason we decided to take her out of the swaddle - is that she's obsessed with rolling over onto her front (which is rather amusing when she's awake as she hates being on her tummy and gets REALLY cross that she's there, poor lamb!)

But just now, I put her down for morning nap and she rolled over onto front and promptly went to sleep. Should I roll her onto her back? I don't know what to do!

KingRolo Sun 17-May-09 10:00:46

With DD it took 2 weeks or so for her to get used to sleeping without the swaddle and it was hard, waking 10 - 15 times a night sounds about right! We did the holding hands thing too because she used to fling them around, hit herself in the face and wake up.

After the firs two weeks things got much better quite quickly and she can now sleep for 4 or 5 hours in her grobag. She always rolls onto her front too. I do worry about it but there doesn't seem to be a way around it. I put her on her back but she just twists round straight away. As far as I know though, front sleeping is OK as long as the baby has put themselves into that position.

KiwiPanda Sun 17-May-09 10:05:26

Thanks KingRolo, that's reassuring (though a bit hellish for the next week or so!) - I guess 5 months of being all wrapped up takes a while to get over!

dairymoo Sun 17-May-09 21:15:21

My DTs were swaddled until they were 6+ months (I used to have nightmares about having to swaddle them in duvets when they are 18 grin) and we did have a bit of a nightmare the first night of no swaddling, probably made worse by the fact that they slept next to each other so the potential for 4 tiny arms flailing all over the place. I decided to start them being unswaddled for naps - when it didn't matter quite as much if they woke up - and when they were used to it that way, then try it for bedtime. Worked much better for us then going cold turkey.

Pearlnz Mon 18-May-09 03:56:41

hugs to you. we ended up getting a Peke moe ( sleep sack to transitiong our LO from swaddling, i was skeptical but he loved it immediately and settled back into sleeping great! all the best.

Pearlnz Mon 18-May-09 03:57:58

oops and meant to say, if she's got good head control and is happy on her tummy I would leave her, just ensure there's no loose bedding that could get near her face in the crib

MiniMarmite Mon 18-May-09 23:20:06

DS took 4-5 days to get used to being out of the swaddle and in a grobag. We did this at about 3 months because he was wriggling too much in the swaddle!

suhfyera Fri 19-Jun-09 14:11:30


I know this is a slightly older post, but i hope someone has advice:
My very wriggly baby boy is nearly 7 months old and squirms out of his swaddle without fail once asleep which worries me no end. Problem is he cannot cannot cannot calm down if he's not swaddled as he ENTERS SLEEP, even if i'm holding his arms down.. once he's asleep though, he doesn't seem to care until about 2 hours later when he wakes up fretting and reswaddling calms him right back down to sleep again.
How do i get past this? I need to get him into a grobag or something dont i?

He's also got a tooth sprouting, he is incredibly grumpy..right time to make any changes?

what do i do?? anybody experiencing/ed similar?

HullabaLuLu Sun 21-Jun-09 20:39:03

Hi suhfyera, I can't offer any advice but I'd recommend starting a new thread in Sleep for this - you'll probably get more answers. Good luck!

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