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sudden sleepless nights - help!

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fairycakes Mon 02-May-05 10:03:53

my dd is 7 and a half months old. from the day she was born she has slept through the night until 2 weeks ago.

we used to feed her at 7pm and put her straight into her cot and she would go to sleep straight away.

now, she wont go to sleep and starts screaming very loudly until you pick her up. i have tried to leave her for a while, but the screaming just gets more frantic. i have been pcking her up giving a cuddle then putting down again, but this doesnt work - i give it half an hour and then end up rbingign her downstairs - i put her in her high chair and she just sits very quietly watching me for about an hour then i take her upstairs and put her down again and then she goes........

i just dont know what to do? am i being stupid to bring her downstairs will she just carry on doing this now? she has got a blocked nose so i dont know if it i just this, but have tried all sorts to alleviate blockedness but doesnt help her sleep pattern.

anyone got any suggestins on how i can ahndle this one?

i get up for work at 2.30am & try to go to bed at 7 myself, but this is becoming impossible and i cant stay awake at work!!

pppppppink Mon 02-May-05 10:54:53

Know how you feel our 5 month old did the same . We found with her was that as she got more mobile (rolling over )she couldn,'t settle as well at night. We decided to curtail her rolling over and she has gone back to sleeping well . Not sure if this helps as you little one is a bit older . I can recommend a book that helped us The Baby Wisperer Solves All Your Problems by Tracy Hogg . Wouldn't suggest bringing them downstairs though,just to stay with them till they sleep, it may longer than half an hour. HTH it seems so much harder when they have been a great sleeper good luck.

heishardwork Mon 02-May-05 11:18:04

so sorry but my ds is the same, and he too has the nose thing going on, hes 9mths and been at this for over a month.
i have done the same as you bar taking him down as i am usually in bed as well.
i have resigned myself to letting him roar and checking every so often, done c/c and pupd havent worked, so unless someone comes with something diff i too dont have a clue

my sleep deprivation is so bad this morn i forgot to dress dd with her nappy, so she weeed all over herself - bad mother.

fairycakes Mon 02-May-05 17:00:44

oh dear heishardwork - i reallyu hope it doesnt get that bad at this end!

i am really hoping that it stops when her nose clears up, but its not looking hopeful!

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