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he has been awful for the past 2mths maybe more and i am exhausted LONG sorry

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heishardwork Sun 01-May-05 21:44:16

hes that bad we had to come home from our holiday.

why oh why
he is terrible at night, and i cant work out what it is, he just wont settle, he has 2 teeth and its presently not teeth, hes eating feeding and happy in the day with big sis,
he is 9mths now

i thought separation anxiety but this has been going on for 2mths now and more, and he has never slept longer than 5hrs (the good ole days)

now i am lucky to get 3 out of him from 7.30 to 6am
he naps twice in the day, 40mins then 1 1/2hrs

i hve done c/c - doesnt work with him (did with dd), pupd sort of helped, but it didnt break this habit and now i just leave him and check every so often.

i feel awful, i resent him doing this as i feel he is spoiling his baby phase for me and i cant enjoy him the next day with so little sleep.
last night only becuase i was ASLEEP at 10pm did i get 3 hrs solid, then it was every hr til 6 and then 7.20 up!

i have heard of phenergen does it work? or if i stop usig it am i destined to have this all over again

Nemo1977 Sun 01-May-05 21:48:14

Aww hun hugs to u

What is he doing when he wakes? Is he hungry or wanting to play? Crying?
If he is ok then i would just leave him to and maybe just make sure he has a drink and isnt wet etc.

heishardwork Sun 01-May-05 21:49:53

cries instantly, its like bling i am awake so i ll cry, there is no nice wakening period.

he has now roared for 50mins - i have been in and out

heishardwork Sun 01-May-05 21:50:25

thanks for the hugs, dh at work and its my birthday tomorrow an id like to wake up in good form

Nemo1977 Sun 01-May-05 21:53:07

is it possible he is hungry
my ds still had a bottle in the night around 12 ish until he was 1.

hope u have a nice bday hun

heishardwork Sun 01-May-05 22:06:25

i dont think he's hungry, as i have fed at night and he still wakes.
its a mystery , will go see doc i think

emkana Sun 01-May-05 22:08:44

Have you ever considered/tried taking him into bed with you?

marne Sun 01-May-05 22:23:04

Hi, had same problom with dd, still have the same problom, shes 15 months now. Cant realy offer any advice.
You cant use phenergen until he is 2 years old, yet i have tried it on my dd as she is large for her age, didnt seem to make much differance, managed to get an extra hour out of her but made her realy grumpy the next day.
Hopefuly its just teathing that has upset him,
Hope you get some sleep soon.

heishardwork Sun 01-May-05 22:28:42

if i take him into the bed he wriggles and moves so much i d be afraid he'd fall out, he really climbs over me, hes very cross and agitated and if i lie down it doesnt necessarily settle him

marne thanks i am not alone

Seona1973 Mon 02-May-05 12:17:10

does your lo use a dummy? or do you use some other method to get your lo to sleep in the first place e.g. feeding, rocking, etc. Whatever is used to get your lo to sleep in the first place is what your lo will expect whenever they come into light sleep during the night (every 45 minutes or so).

The problem with using medication is that it just masks the problem and then when you stop using it the problem can come back. Your lo doesnt seem to be able to self-soothe back into deep sleep and calls for you to help instead. The technique I would suggest is pick up/put down by the baby whisperer in order for your lo to learn how to go to sleep and stay asleep by himself. (p.s if your lo has a dummy I would ditch it as it is causing the sleep problem in the first place)

Donbean Mon 02-May-05 20:39:18

Im not offering any good advice as i have none. My ds was just like this, every hour, every half an hour some nights id just sit up with him all night, he would drop off at 4am then be up for the day at 5.30am. This was how he was from birth till about 15 months.
I never tried cc, i never took him in our bed, i never talked to him, switched on the light, gave him drinks or made a fuss. He had a strict bedtime routine (still does) and still would give me hell all night every night.
Then gradually, slowely he started to wake maybe 4/5 times, each time i would put dummy in lay him down and leave the room, he settled immediately. Then he would go for longer then about once a fortnight he would sleep through till 4.30/5am.
Then of course teeth,colds, croup would put us back to square one.
However as he has got older he is much much better. Im still into him 2/3 times a night and maybe 2 out of 7 nights he sleeps through. (he is 22 months now)
All i can offer is sympathies and understanding to you.
Actually i have a friend with the very same problem who has taken to sending me funny text messages at 3am saying im up, are you?!
Its more common than you think.

hermykne Mon 02-May-05 21:11:55

donbean thank you for oyur advice, its so hard when the 2nd one is diff to the 1st and that mads you kinda angry - looking for a scapegoat ie dh - but last night was good, 10.30 til 6am , cant believe actually, so maybe he has turned a wee corner.
he does love to be comforted by being held so maybe thats his little thing andi have to go with it.
there are so many factors to contend with as you mention and you do forget these and think they are just a pain in the neck.
but all i need is a few hours respite from ti all to get back on track with a fresh dose of energy!

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