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I've started snoring! Help!!

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lilibet Tue 22-Apr-03 20:12:40

My poor boyfriend has had no sleep for the past few nights cos I've started snoring, very loudly. The poor love put cotton wool in his ears last night and could still hear me. I find this really funny, especially his description of me as sounding like a chainsaw, but obviously his patience is wearing a bit thin. I don't have a blocked nose or sleep on my back, anyone got any solutions or else he will go back to his house or a bit and I will get no cuddles at night!

gingernut Tue 22-Apr-03 20:24:20

Maybe this is a dim question - but are you pregnant? Just that apparently it's common when you are. I snored for the first time when pregnant and haven't since.

Sorry I don't really don't have any other ideas or suggestions, but if he does move out maybe you could find yourself a dp who is hard of hearing ...

Claireandrich Tue 22-Apr-03 20:34:06

Was about to ask same thing as the only time I have ever snored as whilst pregnant. It stopped once I had had DD. In my parentcraft classes nearly every woman in the room complained about the same thing.

lilibet Tue 22-Apr-03 20:35:08

Laughing! No not pregnant! And he isn't thinking of moving out, he doesn't live here but has been here for the past few nights and its been lovely for me and he is commenting about the bags under his eyes!

EmmaTMG Tue 22-Apr-03 21:00:45

I wouldn't worry as in years to come when you're both old and grey he's bound to be the one snoring, so that advantage while you can.....and of course all the times us females have to get up in the night to wee whilst preggers can go on your 'pre-revenge' list.
Seriously, what about one of those funny nose things that athletes wear to help them breath better, you know those sticky things that go across the nose, that might be worth a try. i think you can get them from chemists.

Toots Tue 22-Apr-03 21:56:43

Try Boots No Snore essential oils throat spray thingy. Not cheap but seems to work on my dp.

Toots Tue 22-Apr-03 21:56:54

Try Boots No Snore essential oils throat spray thingy. Not cheap but seems to work on my dp.

Toots Tue 22-Apr-03 21:57:28

Lawks! Have caught the double posting lurgy.

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