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New baby on way, cot or bed for older one?

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Em32 Thu 28-Apr-05 12:58:47

Hello I've seen the thread below around this sort of thing and get the impression an 18 1/2 month old will be best left in his cot. What do others think? I don't know whether to move him into a cot bed and give the baby his cot/put him in a bed and give the baby his cot etc etc. What is the best thing to do? We don't have a crib or moses basket for the new baby as William never took to the one we borrowed and slept with us for a few weeks before moving to the cot. He is nearly 15 months now but will be 18 1/2 months when the new one comes along (NB He is already an accomplished climber although not out of his cot thankfully!) Thanks for any advice Emily x

Sponge Thu 28-Apr-05 13:07:42

Well I can only speak from personal experience but we put dd into a bed when she was 2 and it was probably too early.
Ds will be staying in his cot until he can climb out .

elliott Thu 28-Apr-05 13:27:12

There's two years between my two and I decided I didn't want to hurry ds1 out of his cot. So I got hold of another one (fortunately donated by a friend, but a cheap basic IKEA cot so it wouldn't have been too expensive just to buy) and ds2 used it from about 8 weeks old. Ds1 vacated his cot a couple of months before his 3rd birthday, and it all went very smoothly. So we got about 8 months use of the second cot plus we were able to move ds1 into a bed when HE was ready.

hermykne Sun 01-May-05 08:31:33

definitely keep the older oine in the cot as long as possible, beg borrow or steal another cot - you never know what might be his reaction to the new baby so at least his cot is his and cosy for him esp round bedtime hr

oooggs Sun 01-May-05 08:40:12

We had DS in the bassinette part of the travel cot in our room for the first 4 months which could buy you some extra time.

wheresmyfroggy Sun 01-May-05 08:40:44

You will have the same age gap as we have and we moved dd1 into a toddler bed a couple of months before dd2 was due and by the time dd2 came dd1 was well settled in her toddler bed and shows no signs of jealousy over dd1 being in her cot (when we put her in her bed we took down the cot and only put it back up when dd2 came so she didn't see it hanging around)


Harrie Mon 16-May-05 11:58:58

I posted a similar thread 'from cot to bed' regarding my 21 month old and the general opinion was cot as long as possible which I am sticking to. Just think being up in the night with a new baby and your toddler joins you as he can just climb out of bed, then you have two to settle back to sleep. We have had our second and occasinally my eldest has woken fron the noise, but gone back of to sleep, had she been in a bed she would have been in to she what all the fuss was about.

chipmonkey Mon 16-May-05 13:32:43

I'd suggest a cot-bed for the older one, that way you have a bed when he does learn to climb out of the cot. ds1's cot-bed lasted us till he was 5!

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