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Escape from swaddle..chewing!

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futurity Thu 28-Apr-05 08:29:41

DS2 is now 11 weeks and 14lb 1oz so a pretty big chap! We have had fun and games with his sleeping but generally he was sleeping from 11ish to 5ish with the longest stretch to 5.45 (he is b/f).

He has recently been finding his hands and loves shoving his hands in his mouth whether he is hungry or not. Because he is so big he can now get his hands out of his swaddle or if not pushes them up and chews them threw the blanket!

So instead of waking nearer 5/5.30 we are now getting him waking at 3.30 and this morning 4.30 chewing his hands frantically and waking him self up!! DS1 did this when he was about 13 weeks but was already sleeping through so was quite easy (if I remember correctly) to resettle without feeding. I of course fed DS2 but I feel we are going backwards with sleeping. With DS1 I think I put him into a grobag around the time of the hand chewing but if I leave DS2's hands free I think he will just keeping winding himself up by chewing madly on them. I know it if part of his development but I feel he will never sleep through if every time he gets to his hands he feels like a feed!! Any ideas/experiences please!

Catbert Thu 28-Apr-05 08:34:15

I think possibly it's the other way around - he feels like a feed, and therefore chews his hands...

b/f babies take much longer to sleep through the night (mostly) and between 12 - 16 weeks they generally go through another growth spurt and want to feed more often.

Go with it, and try not to worry. Mine woke at 3-4 every night for a feed before 6-7 months, and then they started to sleep through all by themeslves.

Gotta fly... Good luck

futurity Thu 28-Apr-05 08:39:46

I know what you mean..I think before he probably felt like a feed..could't get to his hands..and went back to sleep for another hour but now he is bigger he is an expert and getting to his hands and so wants the feed earlier! It was fine as he went back to sleep until 7 but I just have visions of this carrying on for months! I was also blessed with my first boy who slept through at 11 weeks (but he wasn't 14lb until he was 15 weeks unlike DS2 who is there already at 11 weeks!)

nailpolish Thu 28-Apr-05 08:46:23

hi futurity

BOTH my dd's had this habit! i found it was because they were looking for a comfort, ie something to suck, but were unable to get their thumbs to suck and comfort them back to sleep (as they were too young and hadnt got the hang of hand/eye co-ordination thingy). i put a sock over their hands (or a scratch mitt but they were too small) and they would go back to sleep on their own after a wee while (say 5 mins)

eventually they both chose a comfort blanket

hth! xxx

futurity Thu 28-Apr-05 09:49:06

DS1 did it as well and still sucks the back of his hand now for comfort (he is 3). Like you say I think he is doing it for comfort initially but then gets wound up and hungry by it. I've tried leaving his hands out for naps but he just gets wound up trying to get them in his mouth (and I know he isn't hungry then as he has just had a feed)

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