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lucykatie Wed 27-Apr-05 21:58:35

My dd2 aged 5 has been sleep walking, going for a wander doenstairs into dd2 bedroom.

sometimes she gets herself in a right state and i get up to her, but the other day i heard a noise so got up and she was coming up the stairs saying she was looking for a friend of hers!!!!

she remembers nothing the next day, does anyone know if this is hereditary [spelling....sorry] as i used to sleep walk, sometimes still do when i am really stressed.
or is she stressed or unhappy, her life in general is great at the moment, goood family,school,home life and friends.

tiptop Wed 27-Apr-05 22:46:55

Ds, aged 11 yrs, did this back in January. I think he might have done it once or twice before, but I can't remember the details. He did it in Jan when we were staying away from home in a Travelodge. Luckily the sound of him running from his bed out of the door (in his dream he was in school and running out to play) woke me up, but it took me about half a minute or more to realise that someone hadn't entered the room as I thought, but had left. By then he had gone through another door and was trying door handles trying to find the right door to the playground! I was thoroughly shocked as he was in a corridor with strangers in the other rooms, could have got outside in really cold weather in pjs, etc. A few nights later we were home and he woke up on the landing, leaning on the bannister. As far as I know, neither dh or I have ever sleep walked. Just try to think of all the safety precautions you think you need and hopefully she'll stop doing it soon and you can relax again. Good luck!

misdee Wed 27-Apr-05 22:48:05

dd1 sleepwalks and talks. i did as well as a child, and still do occasionally. have woken up in the spare bed or the sofa with no recollection of getting there. thats scary!

pixiefish Wed 27-Apr-05 22:51:19

I used to sleepwalk when I was younger and my parents used to hide the keys to the front and back door as I had been known to wander outside.

Started again when my first marriage broke up- the only problem was that i lived on my own then so couldn't hide the key- luckily I never wandered any further than inside the flat

Fran1 Wed 27-Apr-05 22:52:59

I talk all the time in my sleep and so does dd.

Never thought about whether it was hereditary but maybe. We also both sleep with our eyes open sometimes, eyes rolled back in our head, lids open, pretty freaky now i see what it looks like on dd!!

I can only remember sleepwalking as a child, or rather being told that i had sleptwalked.

So i'm proof you don't always grow out of it .

Mine is definitely not related to anything specific like stress or unhappiness, cos i do it nearly every night. I don't believe dd's is either.

lucykatie Thu 28-Apr-05 09:28:20

I used to sleep walk really bad, going outside etc.
dd hasnt as yet got outside as all the doors are secure and the front door has a chain on.

i could set the house alarm fo moniter movement downstairs but i think that would really panic the whole house, i have a dd1 age 7 months too.

do you think dd1 would get over a stair gate, got to get one for dd2 anyway, just an idea.

should i see someone about her or not?

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