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Sleeping away from home or not as the case maybe!

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suzanneandjojo Wed 27-Apr-05 21:45:18

Does anyone have any advice on helping babies adjust to sleeping in a different environment. DD is 7 months old and sleeping through when at home. The trouble is i visit my parents at least once a month for a weekend as they live away. DD will not sleep through when we are there. They have bought a cot incase it was her travel cot she didnt like with not luck. She follows the same routine goes down awake but will not stay asleep. Anyone with any ideas?

RTKangaMummy Wed 27-Apr-05 21:50:31

Take you sheets etc so it smells the same as home

Make sure that her head is same end ie if she has her head at North end at home

put cot so it is facing same way when there going North - south

not east - west IYSWIM

suzanneandjojo Wed 27-Apr-05 22:08:51

Gosh that was quick. Thanks for advice will try turning cot around.

RTKangaMummy Wed 27-Apr-05 22:13:15

I guess you already take the cuddly toys she has at home

and mobiles

are they the same?

Good Luck

Please tell me how you get on

When are you next going?

suzanneandjojo Sun 01-May-05 19:02:12

My mum is going to empty the spare room so she is in a room on her own like at our house so we are not going just yet until she has done that. She doesnt have a mobile or toys in her cot but we found that with any of the above it kept her awake for longer. Will let you know how we get on when we next visit.

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