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late daytime sleep - early bedtime

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bagpussmice Wed 27-Apr-05 18:35:38

my 18 mth old dd usually sleeps for about 1 to 1.5 hours at midday then goes to bed at 6.30pm, but lately has been taking longer to settle at night? Is this because her daytime sleep is too late and am I putting her to bed too early?

can't really move the nap earlier as I have to pick up dd1 from school at 11.30 am...

bagpussmice Wed 27-Apr-05 18:43:33

should add that she is generally quite happy in her cot when put to bed at 6.30pm - she plays and chats. sometimes have to go up and tuck her in but it can take 45 mins or so for her to actually go to sleep...

kid Wed 27-Apr-05 18:44:16

I don't think she is sleeping too late in the afternoon. My DS has a nap (when he wants to) around 1pm till 3pm and goes to bed at 8pm.

Could you DD be bothered by teething at the moment (back teeth)?

kid Wed 27-Apr-05 18:45:34

if she is happy in her cot then I wouldn't worry. It would be more difficult for you if she was crying for 45 minutes rather than chatting. You are very lucky

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