static radio really works!!

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stainesmassif Mon 20-Apr-09 11:14:23

i just can't believe this - it has been so hard to get 4 mth ds to take daytime naps in his cot - this morning i tried the loud untuned radio option - he was off in 30 seconds for 1.5 hrs. this is nothing short of miraculous and i had to share!

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Mon 20-Apr-09 11:37:24

did you just make it not tune to anything, or tune in to the actual static station? also how loud do you have it, and is it constant throughout the nap?

stainesmassif Mon 20-Apr-09 13:07:53

it was half tuned to a station, so a mix of static and music iyswim. it was as loud as his cries, which is what seems to have really done the trick. was on for about 10 min tops, he slept for hour and a half - longest ever day time nap!

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