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Amby Hammock withdrawal - help!

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mrsboogie Sat 18-Apr-09 18:47:22

We bought an Amby when my baby (now 7mo) was born. It has been fantastic - he loves sleeping in it and we love it too for lots of reasons. Problem is he loves it a bit too much because he will not sleep in a cot except at nursery. We bought a cot last month to get him adjusting to it as he is getting too big for the Amby bit he wouldn't sleep in it for more than 5 minutes without waking up screaming.

After three days we gave up as everyone was exhausted. You'd think that once he did get off he'd be so tired he would sleep, or stay asleep if put into it asleep, but no, its like he knows he's n the wrong bed even though he's asleep.

Anyone been through this? Any advice?

hoochymama Sat 18-Apr-09 22:02:57

bumping for you, we have an Amby for our 6 wk old, interested to see what people say

mrsboogie Sat 18-Apr-09 22:03:38

thanks hm!

BeehiveBaby Sat 18-Apr-09 22:12:22

Hi there.

In what way is he too big? My DD was off the cahrts and only out of it at 12 months (not before she broke the original spring though blush). I tried a few months earlier and she wouldn't sleep (it was awful, she pelvic thrusted until exhausted then started again 2 hours later) so I put her back and when I tried again there was no problem at all so I assume she was just ready. The spring breaking was a good thing actually, now I remember as it took away one aspect of the hammock that made it so different from a cot.


mrsboogie Sat 18-Apr-09 22:20:31

well, he takes up most of the inside of it and the hammock is sagging nearly to the floor - he's not uncomfortable though - far from it!

haha the pelvic thrusting, yes we had that. He does it in the Amby too.

I am hoping that we will have the same experience - wait a few months and see if he accepted a normal cot then - not much choice really. So how did yours work with the broken spring beehivebaby?

BeehiveBaby Sat 18-Apr-09 22:54:15

I just hooked it on minus the spring. Made it less blissful for her so helped wean her off it.

She is funny in the cot, doesn't move around like other babies/ toddlers (including her big sister). I wonder if this is a feature of Amby babies smile?

allyven Fri 26-Jun-09 02:18:54

I know that many of you on this post have been talking about the Amby hammock. I did want to relay best friend just woke up to find her darling little 4 month old baby dead in the hammock. She had rolled onto her tummy for the 1st time in bed. She was found completely face down nestled in the amby mattress, suffocated. There were no blankets or toys in with her. I know that the product specs say that you can use with children up to 2. I am not saying that all children who roll over in the sling will suffocate, I am just saying that my friends beautiful baby is gone, and please be careful.

jenny77 Wed 27-Jul-11 10:30:49

Took our girl out of hers aged 1. For a while I just rocked/ shoogled the cot until she went to sleep. Bit annoying but worked fine. She is 18 mths now and I don't need to anymore...unless I am having real trouble settling her.grin

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