Dr Jay Gordon's night weaning. Who's tried it? does it work? How was it????

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kalo12 Fri 10-Apr-09 18:55:59

chronic bad sleeper - every hour and half , and then wide awake from 4 am.

We co sleep and bf seems like all night, (and all day) he won't take no for an answer and dairy intolerant.

He's 14 months and getting quite distresssed about not being able to sleep. it seems like he's really hungry (poor eater too) and I want to try Dr Jay's night weaning programme.
just wanted some tips before i start.

Tell me your worst

wuglegg Fri 10-Apr-09 19:11:04

We did it and it worked!

Did it a younger age then recommended (9mo).

Did 3 days of "make sure awake after feed" - on night 2 (I think) he just stayed awake from about 3.30 am but that was a s bad as it got.

Then 3 days of not feeding - first night of that my sister slept in with him, he cried for about 1/2 hr (whinging rather then crying really) and was awake for a couple of hours. Next two nights I slept with him but he setled quite quickly (was just lying with him anyway didn't need to pick him up)

By night 8 he was night weaned.

I know doesn't work this well for everyone but was great for us


luvaduck Fri 10-Apr-09 19:13:20

YES! it works. just posted on the other tthread you've posted on - read our story there.

good luck!

we also have ds in his won room now, finally at 19mo.

noopska Tue 14-Apr-09 22:57:01

dd2 is cosleeping from around 12-2 then waking up at last every 2 hours to feed or stand up and then crawl around us

dr jay is the only thing ive read that gives me some hope i can actually create change with out any cc pupd ncss malarky

i like the idea of trying to LIE DOWN AND COMFORT MY BABY

is this possible?

anyway shes nearly one im back at work part time and totally bleeding knackered

so night time boobie monster cold turkey coming soon (just wait for that tooth...)

anyone with me?

ches Thu 16-Apr-09 04:55:23

I couldn't do Dr. Jay because I couldn't be consistent. Also until recently he threw full-on toddler strops if denied the boob in the night. Night weaning is only NOW coming together (26 months) and what's working is saying no and if he has a bit of a melt-down (sad tears, not angry cries) then I say okay, but just for a minute. After a minute I say okay, count to five, then let go, and after a week of that, he's accepting the count to five and it's over. What has precipitated my will of steel is his lazy latching of late which is leaving tooth marks and consequent pain at the base of the nipple.

FinalFurlong Fri 17-Apr-09 14:04:06

we succesfully did jay gordon 2-3 weeks ago with our 14 month old dd. she is also a very very poor eater.
its worked resonably well.
dd used to wake every 2 hours atleast and be bfed back to sleep.
we chose 11pm till 5am initially as our no feed slot. (i never really managed the feed her till she is drowsy stage, she just wouldnt do it) so went straight to the denying the boob in the middle of the night.

night 1; screamed for 5 whole hours, angry sobs. we patted rocked and shushed (i wore a big sweater) she sleeps in a side along crib in our room. i was terrofied she was hungry, i offered snacks and water the first night, which were refused angrily. so i didnt bother the next night, but atleast i felt reassured she wasnt starving.

night 2; screamed for 3 hours. same senario as previous night.

night 3; screamed for about 2 hours, maybe less. then went back to sleep till 6 am

night 4; woke twice but went back to sleep within 10minutes with a shush and pat.

over the last few weeks its gotten better, she still sometimes wakes a few times, but will settle without being bfed. and she has slept through twice! (previously unheard of!)

its worth a go. its certainly worked for us. we are now thinking about putting her in her own room.

her appitite has gotten a tad better, not much though.


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