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My baby slept in her cot for the first time ever!

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sweetkitty Sat 23-Apr-05 13:36:34

DD has been sleeping with us sice she was about a week old (9 months now), she hated her crib/moses basket. I have a travel cot I use when I need to contain her for 10 minutes etc the other night I put her in it before I put her on the bed and she fell asleep!! I've been putting her down awake in it since then and she falls asleep in about 5-10 minutes. She's having her daytime naps in there now and sleeping in it from 7.30 to around 2am when I lift her in with us.

I do admit I miss her in bed with us, I feel lonely!! But I feel happy she's in there as we were getting really paranoid with her getting older that she would fall of the bed (even though it was well padded with duvets/blankets. Ideally I would like her in there all night coming in with me for an hour's snuggle in the morning. Will buy her a cot bed when we move.

I feel like saying a great big "HA!" to all the people who frowned on me for cosleeping saying she would never be able to sleep on her own and she would still be in our bed aged 7 etc I have loved her cosleeping with us, it's always felt nicer to have her next to me than in a little box in another room (just my feelings not offence intended). But now I feel she's safer in her own cot.

lockets Sat 23-Apr-05 13:39:40

Message withdrawn

ionesmum Sat 23-Apr-05 22:35:11

Oh how lovely for you. My dd2 has slid into comfort feeding-co sleeping and we will need to try and break the cycle using a sleep programme (not CC!) which will not be fun.

staceym11 Sat 23-Apr-05 23:09:28

My baba slept from day one, i had to wake her i nthe hospital to feed her, we put her into her own room at 6 weeks and she absolutely loved it, she wont sleep anywhere else except for the buggy and the car. she has a lovely bedtime routine which means shes in bed for the night at 9 pm which gives me and my partner some time together, i do feel sorry for people whos babies dont sleep coz i know how exhausted i feel and i get a full nights sleep!

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