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18 months breastfeed baby wake up 4 times a night

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sasa15 Sat 16-Apr-05 19:58:58

she won't take the bottle...just the nipple and go back to sleep...
sleeping in the same room with her...without dh...that is looking after her during the day,,,,

anyone experienced that?

any solutions....????

is my friend's baby she hasn't have time to post...working during the day....
not internet at home at the moment....

just want to help

Twiglett Sat 16-Apr-05 20:02:16

I assume baby is fully weaned

In which case I believe she needs to learn how to fall asleep on her own

there are many methods

controlled crying, pick up put down, cry it down

each one is difficult and you must steel yourself to do it and not waver, it will take anything from a night to up to 3 weeks

an eighteen month baby DOES NOT need to feed during the night

Twiglett Sat 16-Apr-05 20:02:34

oops that should be 'cry it out'

Amberlilli Sat 16-Apr-05 20:14:16

I agree with twiglett!
18 month should not be feeding at night, and should be fully weaned.
Leave to cry really hard and horrible thing to do but best for baby and mum!

emkana Sun 17-Apr-05 20:18:29

Yes if you really want it to stop then you will have to let the baby cry, either "controlled" or not.
But I'm not sure about the "best for baby and mum" bit... my dd1 was still feeding at night at 18 months. I just had her in bed with me and hardly noticed it tbh. A few months later she gave it up of her own accord and is now a fantastic sleeper. It might just be a case of making it easy for herself now (co-sleeping) and waiting for her baby to grow out of it. Might be less stressful for mother and baby.

zebraX Sun 17-Apr-05 20:34:59

bit concerned that when other replies said "should be fully weaned" they meant not breastfed any more, which I think is a personal decision for the mother concerned...Baby can still be breastfed in day even if night feeds are stopped.

Anyway, I would cuddle the baby but not let them feed, yes they will cry but you know they're only being deprived of one little thing, you can still cuddle to let them know they are loved & mum is there for them. Ferber would say to cut down on the breastfeeds by one minute/night until they went to 0 minutes, but I think that would just be prolonging the pain.

Good luck.

pixiefish Sun 17-Apr-05 20:37:44

zebra- think the others mean eating proper food when they say fully weaned- not off the breast

my dd is 14 1/2 months and still waking but i think a lot of that is down to the eczema

Amberlilli Tue 19-Apr-05 14:35:42

Sorry if my message was a bit ambiguous!
When I said 'weaned' I meant on solid foods during the day, not off the breast.
'Best for mum and baby' meant -^a nights sleep^!!!

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