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No More Afternoon Naps!, Terrible Night Sleeper!!

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Evesmama Thu 14-Apr-05 15:21:05

had another thread a while ago, but now dd kicks up so much fuss and gets herself in such a state, she just 'wont' have afternoon naps anymore(2yrs next week), resulting in crabby toddler at tea time, sometimes zonks out when take up at 7.30, sometimes still wide awake...must get a few 'good' hours sleep and then wakes up early hours 'screaming' for me to get her out????????????????????????????????
so thats no break for me during day any more and not even a decent nights sleep
she slept from 7.45 till 6.45 for two days 2 weeks ago, and we thought we were on a roll, but now this????
any experience or suggestions anyone..please!!!im cranky and cracking up

elsmommy Thu 14-Apr-05 15:23:16

Have you read the previous thread?
Sounds like we're in the same boat

Evesmama Thu 14-Apr-05 15:33:11

! does doesnt it!

all i know is im run ragged
it her birthday aprty sunday and i have no enthusiasm for it

elsmommy Thu 14-Apr-05 15:52:11

Have you just got the 1?

Evesmama Fri 15-Apr-05 13:59:26

no intentions for more!
couldnt do it again!
how about you?

elsmommy Fri 15-Apr-05 14:44:03

Yeah just the 1.
I asked because I find it helpful to try and get some sleep when she does. I know its hard and you always think you should be doing something else but when she does eventually fall asleep I put my head down too, then I have more patience with her at night!
I have actually got her to sleep a few mins ago, I pretended it was bedtime, put her pjs on and closed her curtains. I can't believe she fell for it!!

Evesmama Fri 15-Apr-05 23:22:56

oh..well done! thats great..hope you had a rest?
DD and i went into town today for more birthday spending, and on way home she said "we go home mammy?"..."not going to bed?"!!!!!

needless to say, once again no sleep despite getting home in time for her nap!!!, but although has been easilly upset and obviously tired this tea time, she was a lot better and we had a really fun day
just hope she settles tonight as i was back up with her last night early hours
she must be shatterd herself poor thing
after this mad wekend, i might try the pyjama thing? or maybe try to put her down earlier(11.30 ish) as she fell asleep in my arms for 20 mins last week at half ten!

i used to sleep when she did, but she HATES the hoover, so i tend to clean and tidy when shes asleep, but if this go's on any longer, im gunn have to start again cos im so tired , im falling asleep whilst we're sat down stairs supposedly playing!!

got grocery shop in morning, then town for cake, the house hunting tomorrow afty, sunday making up aprty boxes/bags then party afternoon,monday swimming, open child tax account and treat dd to something nice as 2nd birthday....ppphewww, then hopefully back to normal..well till thursday when shes having another birthday party at playgroup!!!!! soooooooooooo tired!

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