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Help - Wrong sleep associations

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tamula Thu 14-Apr-05 10:34:22

Hello, Sorry its a bit long!

my babe is 9 days old and i see the beginnings of the wrong sleep associations, she'll only sleep if she nods off at my breast whilst feeding, if she falls asleep any other way it will only be for about 20 mins half an hour and she's up again.

She also tends to like to be on my breast for hours on end, i know its not hunger, probably more for comfort etc...

Thing is i feel bad to take her off, i seem incapable to let her cry a bit and get used to sleeping awake and my partner - whom i love - just doesnt seem to get how hard i find it, its like he expects this perfect baby who never cries and sleeps military style!

I'm quite happy to do as she pleases until she's at least 12 weeks, but what do you think? any advice at all!

florenceuk Thu 14-Apr-05 10:57:34

Tamula, at 9 days old I think your baby is a bit young to be worrying about sleep associations. Personally I would wait a while. I don't think it is until at least six weeks that babies have any sort of circadian rhythym (sleep longer at night) and not until 12-14 weeks that daytime sleep patterns become more established. However, my HV advised that from about 2wks you could try leaving them to cry a little bit (10min max) just to "see if they could do it". You will soon learn to tell if she is having a "cry to sleep" or if she is in a towering rage at being left. If it is any comfort, my baby slept on me until 10wks. Mind you, she is still not sleeping at night...

tamula Thu 14-Apr-05 11:18:21

thanks florenceuk,

I think i'm fussing because my bf is making a big deal of it, to be honest i'd happily have her sleep with or on me until at least 12/16 weeks old

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